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Watch Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman in the trailer for Zach Braff’s A Good Person

Florence Pugh as Allison in A GOOD PERSON, directed by Zach Braff
Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures
© 2023 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Daniel (Morgan Freeman) is brought together with Allison (Florence Pugh), the once thriving young woman with a bright future who was involved in an unimaginable tragedy that took his daughter’s life. As grief-stricken Daniel navigates raising his teenage granddaughter and Allison seeks redemption, they discover that friendship, forgiveness, and hope can flourish in unlikely places.

Written and directed by Zach Braff, the film stars Florence Pugh, Molly Shannon, Chinaza Uche, Celeste O’Connor, and Morgan Freeman.

In Select US cinemas on 24th March 2023. It opens everywhere on 31st March 2023.

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