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Review: The Film Vault – Goodfellas – 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray

THE FILM VAULT launched this month, a brand new collector’s range featuring titles across the Warner Bros. Discovery and Universal Pictures catalogues, with four highly-collectable and beautifully packaged titles on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray: Blade Runner, Goodfellas, Scarface and 1917. With striking, newly-commissioned artwork based around a key scene from each of the films, and unique packaging, these limited edition 4K releases are sure to be a must-have for any serious film collector’s shelves. Each title will build towards a numbered Film Vault collection, comprising some of the greatest titles in cinema.

The four titles are on 4K UHD for ultimate home cinema picture and sound, and packaged in an acetate slip-cover detailing the title’s numbered entry in the collection, with newly commissioned key art from Vice Press by renowned artists Matt Ferguson and Florey, printed on a rigid clamshell outer case with a magnetic clasp, that contains a digipak housing a 4K Ultra HD and a Blu-rayTM copy of the film , a branded envelope, deluxe artcards, and in some cases a reproduction ‘in world artefact’ from the film. Completing each set is a new premium collectable – a beautifully etched and individually numbered crystal display plaque, bearing each film’s title treatment and motif.

“I already have these films on Blu-ray,” I hear you cry. Of course you do. So do I. If you live for films then you probably have a few copies of the same films on different physical media. Hoever, ranges such as The Film Vault are for when you really love that particular film or if you know a film fan and want to treat them for Christmas.

For full disclosure, I got sent a copy to review, but I am seriously tempted to buy the other films in the range. As my copy was promotional it wasn’t numbered on the crystal block but all retail copies will be.

I won’t go into a review of the film itself. If you are the type of person who would be considering purchasing The Film Vault version then you already know how good it is. Martin Scorsese knocked it out of the park with this one.

What you do get is a beautifully packaged piece of wonder that is just top quality. You can watch my unboxing video below.

The box itself is 22 cm high and 18cm wide so it is not going to fit in with the other Blu-rays you have on the shelf. What I have done is stood it on a shelf I use for artwork. The cover is gorgeous and it looks fantastic standing there next to posters and paintings. It is the kind of thing that could start a conversation. It reminds me of having a great album on vinyl. You spend ages looking at the cover art and reading the liner notes and with this I spent a good while looking through all the lovely bits that came with it.

The film itself looks and sounds incredible which is to be expected with the 4K. The fact it comes with both a 4K and Blu-ray version is most welcome and opens it up to more film fans who have yet to make the jump to 4K.

As you can tell, I am extremly impressed with the new range and I look forward to seeing what other films will be released in the future.

Contained in the set:

  • Premium collectible – individually numbered crystal display plaque
  • Branded envelope containing large format art cards featuring film stills and behind the scenes imagery
  • CD sized digipack + slipcover housing a 4K Ultra HD and a Blu-rayTM copy of the film
  • A3 film poster

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