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What’s coming next for The Walking Dead Universe now the main series has ended?

Image by ahmadreza heidaripoor from Pixabay

The Walking Dead is over. But what’s next for the TWD Universe series? What Walking Dead spinoff series is next?

The Walking Dead TV show is over after 11 seasons and nearly 200 episodes. AMC’s epic series finale brought the legendary zombie series to an end.

It had been a part of the TV program’s schedule for 12 years. To say it ends is to acknowledge how unique the landscape would be without it.

TWD Universe will be continuing, but there are a few spinoffs to look forward to. Which one (or more) of these shows will air first in a post-Walking Dead world?

Is there a next series of The Walking Dead Universe?

There are many spin-off shows in the TWD Universe development. However, the only one that has a release window is The Walking Dead: Dead City. It is scheduled to premiere in April 2023 and you can watch the teaser below.

All the rest will be arriving at some point next year. The first spinoff of the TWD Universe, Fear The Walking Dead, will return in 2023 for its eighth season. It could air in the first half of the year and pave the way for Dead City to premiere. It could also air soon after the new series.

The next year will see the release of Daryl Dixon as well as the Rick and Michonne series. However, they have not yet begun filming so we shouldn’t be surprised if they are released later in the year. Either way, it’s as uncertain as a wager on NetBet Sport.

TWD Universe is in a new brave era, but it’s obvious that The Walking Dead‘s legacy will continue to live on for many years.


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