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Check out what is heading to ARROW in November

Key highlights this NOVEMBER on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW include the premiere of a quirky comedy gem from a French auteur, half a century of gritty film noir, a host of high-kicking action from the Shaw Brothers, a season of sensual horror from Jean Rollin, and much more…

In November ARROW are exclusively showing INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE, from idiosyncratic French writer-director Quentin Dupieux (Rubber, Deerskin). The film sees a husband and wife move into a suburban house of their dreams only to discover that a mysterious secret is hidden in the basement that may change their lives forever. The film stars Alain Chabat (The Science of Sleep, Mood Indigo), Léa Drucker (Custody, The Man of My Life), Benoît Magimel (The Piano Teacher, Thieves) and Anaïs Demoustier (Sweet Evil, Alice and the Mayor). Extremely funny and imaginative, surreal and profound, INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE is an unmissable addition to the prolific Dupieux’s marvellously offbeat oeuvre, and you can see it first on ARROW!

Also showing in November, is Volume 2 of SHAWSCOPE, drawing together many of the best films from the final years of the Shaw Brothers studio, proving that while the end was nigh, these merchants of martial arts mayhem weren’t going to go out without a fight! Among the classics included are kung fu master Lau Kar-leung’s sensational The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, My Young Auntie, starring Kara Hui, breathtakingly wild shoot-‘em-up Mercenaries from Hong Kong, and Kuei Chih-hung’s spectacularly unhinged black magic meltdown The Boxer’s Omen.

There is also a selection of films from JEAN ROLLIN, a deeply misunderstood and widely misrepresented French director who achieved marginal cult status in the 1990s thanks to home video, and only now is really getting his due as a master of erotic, dreamlike horror offerings – including Fascination, Lips of Blood and The Night of the Hunted – that are uniquely his own and ripe for reappraisal.

And, seeing as it is NOIRVEMBER, ARROW are showcasing four consummate examples of the genre in DARK AND DEADLY: THE NOIR COLLECTION, with The Dark Mirror, directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Olivia de Havilland, Secret Beyond the Door, directed by Fritz Lang, with Joan Bennett and Michael Redgrave; Abraham Polonsky’s Force of Evil with John Garfield, and Joseph H. Lewis’s ultra-stylish The Big Combo with Cornel Wilde and Richard Conte.

ALSO SHOWING: Charlotte Rampling in Swimming Pool, Daniel Craig in Enduring Love, Gallic cinema, thoroughly British cult classics and much more…

New Titles – From November 1

  • Fascination
  • Lips of Blood
  • The Grapes of Death
  • The Night of the Hunted
  • The Escapees
  • Zombie Lake

New Titles – November 7

  • Incredible But True

New Titles – From November 11

  • The Long Haul of A.I. Bezzerides
  • Dark and Deadly: 50 Years of Film Noir
  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

New Titles – From November 18

  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
  • Return to the 36th Chamber
  • Disciples of the 36th Chamber
  • Mad Monkey Kung Fu
    Five Superfighters
  • Kid with the Golden Arm
  • Invincible Shaolin
  • Magnificent Ruffians
  • Ten Tigers of Kwangtung
  • My Young Auntie
  • Mercenaries from Hong Kong
  • The Boxer’s Omen
  • Martial Arts of Shaolin
  • The Bare-footed Kid

New Titles – From November 25

  • Enduring Love
  • Swimming Pool

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