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Check out the first images from Spencer Brown’s T.I.M  (Technologically. Integrated. Manservant)

The first look has been revealed for Spencer Brown’s debut feature T.I.M  (Technologically. Integrated. Manservant), an intelligent and timely thriller exploring the unhealthy relationship we have with modern day technology.

Now in post-production, T.I.M has an exciting British cast including BAFTA TV award winner Georgina Campbell (BARBARIAN), Eamon Farren (THE WITCHER) and Mark Rowley (THE LAST KINGDOM) alongside Amara Karan (THE NIGHT OF), Nathaniel Parker (THE LAST DUEL) and Tom Bell (LATE NIGHT MASH).

Abi, a prosthetics scientist, moves to the Cambridgeshire countryside to work on the finishing touches to Integrate’s new T.I.M.; a humanoid A.I. that works as a butler, pairing with its owner’s devices to anticipate their every need.

Life seems good. Abi loves her job, her new modernist house, and she’s been given her very own T.I.M. Her husband, Paul, is wary of the robot, but doesn’t have any choice but to accept it – he’s paying penance for the affair that nearly ended their marriage a year ago, and soon T.I.M. is an integral part of their lives.

But the honeymoon period doesn’t last long. Abi is soon facing conflict at work, and begins to worry that Paul, unable to find a job and isolated from his friends, is straying once again – with their nearest neighbour, Rose.

At the centre of this disquiet is T.I.M., slowly inserting himself into their lives, becoming obsessed with Abi, a stalker in her own home that knows everything about her, from the searches on her computer to her heart rate via her FitBit. The T.I.M. becomes more controlling, leveraging Abi’s fears of infidelity to create a schism in their marriage. And to slowly take Paul’s place…

But when Paul gives Abi an ultimatum to return the T.I.M., the A.I.’s behaviour becomes even more sinister; doing everything it can to break them up. And what hope does trust have against an intelligence that can access your bank account, perfectly imitate your voice, and deep fake incriminating footage? And how can you escape something that can remotely lock your doors, or take control of your driverless car as it speeds down the motorway?

As the T.I.M. becomes more unhinged, it becomes clear that it is not just their relationship that is at risk. It is their very lives.

Always on. Always listening. ‘I love you, Abi.’

Thrilling, unnerving and tightly plotted, T.I.M is the directorial first feature from award-winning writer-director Spencer Brown whose short film THE BOY WITH A CAMERA FOR A FACE put him on the map as an exciting new director to watch.  Inspired by 90s stalker thrillers and the concerning fact that today’s technology knows more about us than we know ourselves, the film follows prosthetics scientist Abi (Campbell) and her adulterous husband Paul (Rowley) as they adjust to life outside the city and Abi begins working for high-tech company Integrate, developing a humanoid A.I. – T.I.M (Farren). At first, T.I.M appears to be the perfect aid, understanding and catering to their every need but at the same time it is becoming more and more obsessed with Abi, until it will stop at nothing to take Paul’s place. T.I.M is co-written by award winning Sci-Fi author Sarah Govett.

T.I.M has been produced by Matthew James Wilkinson and Patrick Tolan of Stigma Films and executive produced by Damian JonesSimon MarriottJames Owen and Kush Thakrar. The film was financed by Quickfire, Shoutloud Creative Ltd, Arthrofilm Ltd, Trigger Films, Capture and Bait Studio.

Altitude Film Sales handle international rights and will present the film to buyers at the AFM in November.

‘It’s been a privilege to have such an incredible cast for my first movie – Georgina lights up the screen with her amazing presence and subtlety, Mark wins our hearts with his humour, depth and humanity, and Eamon completes the central trio with a brilliant AI performance that showcases his truly world-class talent. Stigma films have been incredible in helping me bring this film to the screen, and I’m so happy to be working with Altitude to take this movie out into the world. I hope it’s something that will still be watched when people have house robots of their own!’

Spencer Brown, Writer / Director

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