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Watch Rachel Bloom, Melissa Fumero and Luka Jones in the Bar Fight! trailer

Julian Gant as “Milan”, Luka Jones as “Allen”, Melissa Fumero as “Nina”, and Rachel Bloom as “Chelsea” in Jim Mahoney’s BAR FIGHT! Courtesy of Terri B Thomas. An IFC Films release.

Nina and Allen split everything in their lives after their break-up and must compete in a ridiculous custody battle for their prized watering hole in which lines will be drawn, sides will be chosen, and beers will be drunken.

Written and directed by Jim Mahoney, the film stars Melissa Fumero, Luka Jones, Rachel Bloom, Julian Gant, Vik Sahay, Caroline Harris, Shontae Saldana, David Carzell, Patrick Byas, and Dino Nicandros.

In US cinemas & On Demand November 11.

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