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"No matter where you go, there you are."


A gang of thieves are Hunted for sport in the trailer for the new thriller

Hired by an antiquities dealer to steal a family heirloom, four young friends break into the seemingly abandoned Redwick Estate in pursuit of the treasure. Once inside the mansion, they discover they are not alone. Attacked and bound by their captors, they are spirited away from the home and released in the middle of nowhere. As punishment for breaking into their ancestral home, the Redwick’s will hunt the four friends like animals on their sprawling, secluded estate grounds. Tracked by hounds and pursued by the armed family on horseback, the foursome soon realize the treacherous property is covered with traps. This is not the Redwick’s first time hunting humans. The blood sport has been a decades-long, sadistic family entertainment. After a shockingly violent death in their group, the friends stop running and start fighting back – the prey turn on their predators and unleash bloody revenge as they fight for their very lives.

Hunted (aka Hounded) is by director Tommy Boulding. The film stars Malachi Pullar-Lachtman, Samantha Bond, James Lance, Nick Moran and Hannah Traylen.

Hunted hits US cinemas and On Digital and Demand on 25th October 2022.

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