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Binge These Branded Games and Enjoy Your Favorite TV Shows in a New Way

Wanting to admit it or not, we are all glued to our big and small screen devices. Statistic says that the average American and European adult watches TV around three hours per day!

We have our favorite shows (their popularity far surpassing movies and reality TV) and knowing this, the entertainment and gaming industry capitalizes big time creating branded games with our beloved characters incarnated in new and interactive ways. It delivers something that represents a perfect blend of the most popular series and exciting online entertainment.

If you’re a fan of Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and other popular platforms’ shows, and, here come a few great examples of how you can spend a free, chilled afternoon, without having to leave your sofa.


The chances you didn’t watch Friends are slim to nothing. But, we still have the duty to explain what this iconic, humoristic series is all about so here it comes…Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica are inseparable friends, sharing with each other all those good and bad life circumstances. The gang lives in New York City, and their way of spending free time is sitting in the Central Perk café, sipping soft drinks, making jokes about their lives. In a survey conducted by New York Times, Friends is voted the most popular TV show ever.

Game of Thrones

Who would have guessed that some series may endanger the popularity of Friends? Game of Thrones, a fantastic adventure show available on HBO since 2011, has a totally different vibe, but the same popularity as the super-famous Friends. This TV show is so dynamic and full of twists that it is pretty hard to even explain what’s going on in this show, and even harder to tell who the good and who the bad guys are. What we can tell you is that the base story spins around the lands of Westeros, where nine different families fight for control over the land. And the rest…well, you must see it for yourself. We promise you will not regret watching this masterpiece. And, when you finish with the TV show, maybe you can find a game inspired by the plot.


Oh, the crazy life of the world-famous Pablo Escobar! If you haven’t already, we strongly suggest you watch Netflix’s story about the Columbian king of drugs. This popular TV show belongs to the biography/crime category, but there are a lot of scenes that will make you smile, cry, and sometimes even wonder was Pablo Escobar really bad to the bone. But, no spoilers here! If you have any interest in knowing what the underground of South American megacities looked like during the late 1970’ – please watch Narcos! Believe it or not, the series is pretty emotional.


Something a bit different; Survivor is a reality TV show, popular all around the globe. This show is set on a remote, isolated island, where two groups of people compete in different games. Usually, the tasks ask from players to be in good physical condition or to use their logic to successfully finish given challenges. If they fail to complete the tasks, they will be eliminated from the game by the other contestants. Hand on the heart, reality TV is not everyone’s favorite, but Survivor is definitely among the most respected ones since it promotes physical and mental strength.


Last but not least- Scandinavian legends! The Vikings is a TV show which stole many hearts, even of those who thought they will never have any interest in learning about Scandinavian folklore. The main character of this show is Ragnar, a farmer who will eventually become the king of Scandinavia. Fascinating visuals, superb acting, and finally a top-notch scenario are reasons why this TV show was on the top of the lists of the most popular TV shows. The sequel series titled Vikings: Valhalla was released by Netflix just earlier this year. If you are looking for a new show that will fulfill your free time, and you still didn’t watch the story about Ragnar, we recommend you give it a glimpse.


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