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Top movies about casinos, risk and gambling

We all like to relax, and even more we like to relax at our favorite pastime. For example, visiting minimum £5 deposit casinos gives you a chance to win big.

The same goes for movies, because just about everyone in the world loves to watch movies alone, with family, with friends, and so on. Movie night helps us feel many emotions, bond with family or loved ones, enjoy a delicious meal and just have the perfect time. And how cool is it when you can combine playing casino games with watching movies – it brings you double the fun.

That’s why the filmmakers didn’t want to lose the opportunity to offer you that. This has led to the fact that today you can admire casino movies whenever you want. Having said that, there are films where you are sure to feel the adrenaline rush, just like when you play in a real casino. We offer you to get acquainted with the top of the best movies about gambling. Let’s go!

Best casino movies

  • Tricheurs

Before Barbet Schroeder gave us “Barfly” and “Single White Female,” the director made a madcap thriller about a character played by French rock star Jacques Dutronc, who is so addicted to gambling that at some point he doesn’t care whether he wins or loses. This approach becomes even more of a problem when he meets a man who involves the hero in an elaborate fraud scheme.

In his film, the director does not condemn the characters: he simply follows their actions, which, unfortunately, lead to their inevitable demise.

  • The Cincinnati Kid

It was Norman Jewison’s film that set the tone for subsequent films whose plot revolves around card games. The story unfolds during the Great Depression and tells the story of Erica Stoner, who madly yearned to become the world’s best poker player.

Many people are mistakenly convinced that losing or winning in such entertainment depends only on personal luck, but this movie masterpiece dispels that strange myth – it demonstrates that a lot of skill is required for card skills. Every viewer will be convinced of this just by watching one of the fateful scenes where the hero’s incredible level of patience, perseverance, and amazing skills are on display. The level of skill seems unreal and fabulous.

  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The first of many works by famed director Guy Ritchie, which immediately gained status as one of the most iconic and high-profile works of the ’90s. In it, four buddies decide to compete at the same table with a gangster nicknamed “Hatchet” Harry Lonsdale, but end up losing a large sum of money to him, which they need to get in a week.

Curiously enough, it was Tom Cruise who brought success to the film by a large margin. Renters in America did not want to mess with Ritchie’s tape until the main producer of the film in the face of Trudie Styler did not call on the then already hugely popular Hollywood actor. During the screening, Cruise began to laugh out loud from his own movie, and at the end of it, the actor called the movie the best of all that he had seen in his life. Then it became clear to everyone that Ritchie’s debut work is waiting for success.

  • Maverick

Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) plays cards professionally and is going to try his forces in a big enough poker championship for which he has to find at all costs 25 thousand American dollars. In order to find the missing amount of money the hero goes to old friends and acquaintances, but in search of solutions he runs into a con artist named Annabel Bransford, who secretly wants the same – to win in the same gracious tournament.

In the movie the heroine Jodie Foster is terribly clumsy. This feature of her image was not spelled out in the script – in the scene where Maverick takes her umbrella, the actress absolutely accidentally tripped and fell down. This moment pleased the director so much that he decided to fit a few more falls into the plot. Critics loved the film for its lightness in narration and the charm of the actors.

  • 21

A math professor assembles a student team to pull off the real big scam of the century — bankrupting his country’s largest casino thanks to a well-oiled gambling scheme using a special system.

Along with this, in the 1960s, Professor Mickey Ross (Claude Shannon) was able to create an analog calculating device that was extremely compact, while it was necessary to simply enter data about the speed of the roulette wheel. This helped the owner of the device to make the right bet and win the jackpot.

  • Ocean’s Eleven

The film was released in 2001 and made a great box office. Once serving time for theft, Danny Ocean has an incredible plan to rob some of the biggest casino establishments in Las Vegas. But he can’t do it alone, so he invites 11 truly professional and experienced players to his team, who have everything they need to cheat the system.

Steven Soderbergh assembled the biggest Hollywood stars of that time on the screen. The director’s goal was to bring the cast together so strongly that they would feel confident on set and interact as naturally as possible on stage, and he seems to have succeeded admirably.


This is just a small fraction of the movie masterpieces that are entirely steeped in casino themes, as this is the area that interests users the most. We love to relax watching movies or playing games, so the filmmakers give you the opportunity to enjoy it all at once – you watch the movie and enjoy gambling. Choose one of the movies and have fun watching it! You’re sure to enjoy it!


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