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Back To The Drive-In – Watch the trailer for the new documentary

When the pandemic hit, drive-ins were suddenly the only safe venue in town, with press coverage about how drive-ins are “back,” and how they are thriving.

But this documentary goes behind the headlines to learn the truth, spending a whole night with 11 very different drive-ins in 8 states all over the country, from preparations before the customers arrive, to selling tickets, opening the snack bar, and getting the movie on screen, we discover these family-owned businesses are actually struggling to survive.

The documentary is about authentic drive-ins and the resilience of the passionate people who run them, but more broadly it highlights questions about the future of the theatrical experience, and the challenges of many small businesses wondering whether they will survive and make it to the other side of the pandemic.

“Back to the Drive-in” – theatrical release August 12, 2022 from April Wright on Vimeo.

Back To The Drive-In is written and directed by April Wright. It hits US cinemas on 12th August 2022.

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