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We Are Living Things – Watch the trailer for Antonio Tibaldi’s new film

After a chance meeting, two undocumented residents discover that they are both in search of intelligent life in the universe. Solomon (Jorge Antonio Guerrero) lives in the back lot of a recycling plant in Brooklyn, obsessed with connecting to aliens whom he believes abducted his mother many years ago. Chuyao (Xingchen Lyu), who fled China, believes she was abducted as a child. When Solomon discovers Chuyao is controlled by a brutal pimp, he takes drastic action to save her. As a result, the two are forced to run from the law and head to Arizona as fugitives. Along their journey, Chuyao gives him renewed hope for the future, yet Solomon finds that he must confront his past demons in the desert as he looks for answers in the skies.

Directed by Antonio Tibaldi, the film stars Jorge Antonio Guerrero (Roma) and Xingchen Lyu.

Opening at the Quad Cinema in New York August 12, 2022.

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