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Gambling Movies and its Impact on the Virtual Bettors

Watching movies is another type of entertainment most people love because it is relaxing and keeps their minds off from day-to-day life. On the other hand, movies are also a big influencer. The characters, the genre, the movie theme, the plot, and how the story goes are determined on how the writer and the director wanted the actors to deliver the scene and what the story wanted to convey.

Gambling is a favorite genre in films may it be on television series or the movie itself. Writers and film industries are most likely attracted to the variety of stories inside the house of gambling, especially on the table itself. Cheating, greed, the act of fraud, and vengeance are prevalent in casino movies and crime as well. The lifestyle of the High rollers is emphasized in films. The outcome of gambling addiction, losing everything, and becoming a criminal is typical in gambling movies which gives a stigma to the moviegoers that gambling is wrong and is the work of the devil.

On the lighter side, gambling also has some good effects on people and is also portrayed in some movies The Card Counter, and animation like Hotel Transylvania and many others.

Gambling Online

The online casino on the other hand is a type of iGaming which is very popular nowadays among virtual punters. Players who are not so into gambling became fascinated in gambling online because their games can be interactive (depending on the player), exciting, aid in memory retention and strategy, and the best part is winning. Casino sites like introduce betting sites that are safe to play and offer casino games and loads of bonuses. A bonus is a gift from any casino from land-based to online for signing up to their site or establishment or it can be granted to the players for being loyal.

Movies about gambling

At present, there are no films related to online gambling but there are a lot of movies related to casinos and gambling. Here are the following.

The Croupier

It is a story of an aspiring writer who accepted a job as a croupier in a big-time casino to make ends meet. A 1998 film starred by Clive Owen it tells the story of the typical incidents happening in the house of gambling where trickery and cheating seemed inevitable.


A 1995 crime-drama movie about Ace who is a gambling expert who entangled a gambling syndicate who asked him to oversee the Tanglers Casino in Las Vegas. Problems arise when people put his life in danger and he has to find a way to get out from it.

Casino Royale (2006)

One of the best gambling dramas in the 21st century, this is a remake film of the 1973 classic about the flamboyance, extravagance, dirty tricks, and money laundering of the High rollers and the VIPs in the world of gambling.

Ocean’s Eleven

A highly acclaimed movie in 2001 and a blockbuster gambling film at the start of the new millennium. It tells the story of Danny Ocean and his eleven expert con-artist recruits who agreed with him to steal from the three big-time casinos in Las Vegas which are owned by a billionaire and Danny’s love rival Terry Benedict.

Owning Mahowny

A 2003 movie about an ordinary and respectable bank employee in Toronto who has an insatiable thirst for gambling. His uncontrollable vice got worse and eventually led him to steal money from the bank’s accounts to pay his gambling debt.

Hotel Transylvania

Not all gambling movies are about violence, dirty tricks, and everything negative. The animation Hotel Transylvania in 2012 proved to the moviegoers that gambling like playing Bingo can be fun too. In the story, Count Dracula had to go on a journey which gave his carefree daughter Mavis to play Bingo with the so-called people in the castle.

The Hustler

A classic 1961 film about a pool shark named Eddie “Fast” Felson. Fast has a self-destructive attitude and was challenged by the legendary Minnesota Fats in a High Stakes match and eventually loses to them. He lost confidence which led him to agree to join up with the ruthless manager Burt Gordon and take him on the road to learn the ropes. This is one of the classic gambling films which would definitely swoop you off your feet.


Final Insight:

Watching movies and gambling are different but somehow share the common denominator and that is to entertain. All forms of entertainment is essential to our heart, mind, and soul. However, if we lose our control there is a possibility that it could destroy us.




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