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Top Tips for Trying New Games

If you’re a fan of gaming or are looking to turn it into a new hobby, then you’re going to need the top tips in this article.

These days, there are thousands of different online games available for you to play. When it comes to trying new ones, here’s some advice you should hopefully find useful:

Embrace Online Casinos

Online casinos are loved around the world. This is because they offer tons of interesting and exciting games that are beginner-friendly. Even people who have no previous history with gambling can easily pick them up without having to learn any complex rules or gameplay. You can, too – just visit

Remember, because online casino games involve real money gambling, it’s important that you practice them first. For example, if you want to play slots, make sure to select the trial version before anything else. This will allow you to get a feel for the mechanics and everything in-between.

Note: most online casinos allow you to play trial versions of their games.

Try a PlayStation Plus Membership

If you’re a fan of console gaming, then a PlayStation Plus membership might be perfect for you.

When you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you’re provided with a brand-new game – for free – every single month.

Also, you can go to the PlayStation Store and receive discounts on a lot of new releases. For example, GTA V has been discounted numerous times for PlayStation Plus members and was even once discounted by 50%!

On top of this, you also get access to a huge library of games from years gone by.

PlayStation Plus is one of the best platforms around for discovering and trying new games, primarily because the games are provided at no cost.

Make a Steam Account

For PC gamers, Steam is generally the best option you have for trying new games.

Steam is home to all the latest PC games. After making an account, you can stream and download as many PC games as you like, whether you’re playing on a purpose-built gaming PC or a normal laptop.

From Elden Ring to Destiny 2, you’re spoilt for choice on the Steam platform. And if you like handheld gaming, you can even buy a Steam Deck, which is a portable, handheld gaming computer.

Join Reddit

Reddit is the largest forum in the world. On Reddit, there are hundreds of different gaming subreddits, such as r/Gaming, that are dedicated to the industry. In these types of subreddits, people will post reviews of games while also recommending them to fellow users.

For instance, when you’re browsing the different subreddits, you might stumble across a recommendation from a user, which then turns out to be the best game you’ve played in a while.


For any gaming fanatics out there, make sure to try the advice above if you want to discover and try some new games. Throughout the remainder of 2022, there is set to be a host of new games – from GTA 6 to Red Dead Redemption 3 – so it’s important that you keep tabs on what’s coming up.


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