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What Games Are Not Worth Playing Without Mods?

Gaming has come a long way from just being a science fair in the 1950s into a profitable multi-billion industry. Since the advent of the new Millenium, mobile technology has significantly contributed to this boom by integrating it with modern culture. Real-life sporting activities such as soccer, basketball, and motor racing have been incorporated as video games which enable people to simulate roles associated with the sports. Additionally, the technology has also sipped into gambling, with brick and mortar casinos transitioning into online gaming casinos.

All this is thanks to developers who are always coming up with captivating and creative video games for the masses to play. However, some games are successful, while others need upgrades. So, what happens when developers can’t act on critics’ opinions to improve the gameplay? Well, independent developers, players, and fans of the game come up with mods that enhance their gaming experience.

Why Use Mods?

Better known as video gaming modding, mods are a digital process where the game is tweaked and, at times, changed significantly to improve its overall gameplay. Gamers often have forums and communities to discuss and critique games they are fond of playing. From this feedback, players take it upon themselves to improve the games.

Over the years, internet gaming has become a mainstay. When the developers modify certain aspects of the games, it is known as a ‘fix’ that downloads and installs automatically. In most cases, this is not enough and thus players go for mods.

Some of the advantages of mods include:

  • Bypassing long intros
  • Fix bugs that lead to crashes
  • Fix bugs that lead to crashes because of the speaker set-up on PC systems
  • Improve graphics
  • Improve the frame rate by upgrading, e.g. 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second
  • Improves stability to avoid restarting the game over crashes or stalling
  • It can add mini-games into a video game or allow users/players to customise the game to their liking.

Some of the most anticipated game releases are hyped only for the players to realise that they don’t live up to expectations. Here are some of the games that you can’t play fully without using a mod.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is one of the more popular game titles, but you need a mod to bypass the long intro. Most gamers have stressed that the game has a long and tedious introduction, and they would much instead get straight to the action.

They also add to the excitement because you can control the time and weather and decide to move your character tactically in the dead of night. In a particular aspect, when you charge fighters allied to you in resistance, you can respawn the enemies (bring them back to life), adding to the thrill. Most players had found issues with the view mode where the first-person shooter’s weapons are too close to the screen. But with a view-mod, you can move the arms and guns further from the screen to improve aim and experience better recoil when firing.


Those who played Skyrim also encountered numerous crashes, forcing them to repeatedly restart the game multiple times or replay various levels. A mod fixed the bug, and PC gamers can play seamlessly without worrying about losing their progress.

It is also worth noting that to advance through the different levels at Skyrim, you need to use various strategies. The mods add attacking techniques diversifying the gameplay strategies available, and it becomes much easier to fight and advance through the challenging levels.

Star Wars

Avid gamers emphasise that the mods used on Star Wars adjust the colour settings, especially in fight sequences where you use lightsabers (laser swords) and laser guns. Also, there are voice changer options, a faster startup, custom configurations, and better visuals and graphics throughout the game. Another issue gamers have had is corrupted save files that erase any progress.

The mods have rectified these issues, and expert gamers quickly point out that it is better to play a modded version on your first attempt. You’ll experience smooth transitions through the various levels of the compelling story mode.

Online Games

Online gamers seek similar contributions of mods when playing online casinos. The need for free methods of withdrawing winnings and depositing money is particularly an issue. Seasoned punters have stressed the need for online casinos with Blik payment, which guarantees quick and anonymous transfer of Zlotys to online casinos.

Blik payment is essentially a ‘hack’ in its own right because it is a free and instant form of payment. Furthermore, it is secure, with prompts sent to your mobile phone to complete transactions by generating special passcodes to use in authenticating the payment. The mod ensures an intuitive graphic interface where it only takes a few seconds to transact and get you playing!

Mods are essential in fixing the AI engine of a game to guarantee uninterrupted gameplay.  All in all, the mods help increase a game’s overall value to the liking and specifications of the majority of gamers for the long term by making gaming easy and enjoyable.



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