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Everything We Know So Far About Ted Lasso Season 3

Fans are eagerly awaiting the third season of Ted Lasso, but what do we know about it so far and when is it likely to get aired?

This series has been a huge success to date, but will the next season keep that going, and will it be the last time we see Ted?

The Story So Far

Ted Lasso was first shown on Apple TV+ in 2020, with the first series covering ten episodes. After this, the second series ran over 12 episodes that were aired in 2021, by which point a third season had already been agreed upon.

The show follows the challenges and triumphs of the title character, who is an American college football coach that has been hired to take charge of a struggling historical UK soccer team.  The fictional team AFC Richmond was not a favorite according to the online betting favorites to win the Premier League and ends up being relegated in the first season.

However, the series focus on Ted’s inexperience with the new sport and the British culture leads to some amusing situations. Plus, Ted Lasso deals with mental health, specifically in sports, which is why the series has become praised for its authenticity.

The series has become extremely popular thanks to strong acting performances from Jason Sudeikis as the folksy, gentle Ted Lasso. He soon shows that he cares more about people than about winning, and this has led to an uplifting show that has won critical acclaim.

The second season ended with Ted guiding AFC Richmond to promotion despite being betrayed by his assistant Nate, who leaked details of Ted’s panic attack to the press and then joined a rival team.

When Can We Expect to See the Third Season of Ted Lasso?

It seems like it’s been a long wait for this series to come around since it was confirmed so long ago, even before the second series had been shown. There appears to be no danger of Apple dropping it, since it’s broken viewership records and reportedly been responsible for a large percentage of new subscribers joining the Apple TV+ streaming service.

Recent reports suggest that season 3 will probably not be released until nearer the end of 2022. It was in production recently, having started on Valentine’s Day according to actress Hannah Waddingham when she appeared on The Late Late Show. While there has been no official word on its release date, some sources have pointed toward an end-of-year premiere.

Cristo Fernández plays Dani Rojas in the series, and he pointed out that it could be the end of the year before this series is available. He also confirmed that filming was much more enjoyable this time around, as the second series was filmed in the midst of strict Covid restrictions. Cristo praised the writers and said that the scripts for the third series are really good.

As for how the story develops, the fact that Nate has betrayed Ted is sure to be a subject that gets explored. The fact that he joined the team owned by Rupert, who is the ex-husband of Richmond owner Rebecca, means that we can expect to see more intrigue and challenges along the way.

There has been talk of a redemption arc for Nate, with actor Nick Mohammed suggesting this, although he also pointed out that the writers might not be so keen on this approach. Other information on what we might see comes from series producer Krip Kroeger, who says that we’ll get more details on the backstories of the characters. This means that we’ll probably find out more about Ted’s father, who committed suicide.

Will It Be the Last Season?

Jason Sudeikis also helped to develop the story, as well as being the main actor. He has pointed out on more than one occasion that he sees Ted Lasso as being a three-season series. In early interviews, he stated that he was happy that Apple TV+ had agreed to the three season arc he had in mind.

However, in more recent interviews he has pointed out that it’s important to focus on season 3 rather than looking ahead to season 4, possibly leaving the door open for a fourth season. Jason suggested that it’s harder to plan ahead than to deal with what’s right in front of you.

Brendan Hunt plays Ted’s assistant and friend Coach Beard. He’s said in interviews that the show was only ever meant to run for three seasons, but that they might find it difficult to turn down the chance of a fourth season if fans demand it.

Executive producer Bill Lawrence was more forthcoming about the future, as he suggested that he’ll be trying desperately to convince Jason to carry on with the story. However, he also pointed out that the star has young children and might not be keen on continuing with the demands of the show.

Regardless of what happens with any potential fourth season, we’ve been promised that season 3 gives a complete story that wraps up the events seen to date. If it’s as engrossing and uplifting as the first two seasons, we can expect the calls for a fourth season to get louder.


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