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Hold on to your flying motorbike as the Megaforce Collector’s Edition is heading our way

“I just wanted to say good-bye and remind you that the good guys always win, even in the eighties.”

A little slice of pure Eighties cheese is getting a new Blu-ray collectors edition.

Megaforce is an elite multi-national military unit that does the jobs that individual governments won’t. When the peaceful Republic of Sardun in under threat from their more aggressive neighbour the beautiful Major Zara and General Byrne-White see the help of Ace Hunter and Megaforce.

This cult classic Megaforce Collector’s Edition comes storming into the Beyond Genres collection with A3 reversible poster, embroidered cap, 8x poster postcards, holographic sticker, membership card and exclusive extras!

The film was directed by Hal Needham and starred Barry Bostwick, Michael Beck & Persis Khambatta.

The Collector’s Edition is inspired by the Official Megaforce Membership Kit that was advertised on the back of comics in 1982.

Megaforce was a direct inspiration for Matt Stone & Trey Parker (South Park) in making Team America: World Police.

Megaforce was also made with assistance from Mattel who produced a range of Megaforce Hot Wheels vehicles. These models went on to be the basis for many different vehicles and the Enforcer model is still used today. The film wasn’t commercially successful when it first came out but, over time, has silently crept into our hearts and become a cult classic bucking the R rated 80s action movies of the time.

You can pre-order the Collector’s Edition or Blu-ray here.


  • EXCLUSIVE! Collector’s Edition comes with embroidered hat, A3 reversible poster, 8x poster postcards, holographic sticker, membership card
  • EXCLUSIVE! ACE SPEAKS! An all new 40 minute interview with lead actor Barry Bostwick
  • EXCLUSIVE! Audio commentary with author and Mega-fan Stephen Vagg
  • EXCLUSIVE! LIFE AFTER MEGAFORCE (upcoming documentary) interview with Barry Bostwick and filmmaker Bob Lindenmayer
  • NEW! LIFE AFTER MEGAFORCE documentary trailer
  • NEW! Mega-destroyer test drive
  • EXCLUSIVE! Hal Needham trailer reel
  • NEW! Bob rebuilds the Delta Mark IV
  • Audio commentary with Barry Bostwick and filmmaker Bob Lindenmayer
  • 2019 Interview with actors Barry Bostwick and Michael Beck
  • Megaforce Atari 2600 game footage and ad spot
  • Introvision behind the scenes footage
  • Stills and poster gallery
  • Australian VHS trailer
  • Japanese TV spot
  • Teaser trailer
  • Easter egg

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