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RoboCop is returning to UK cinemas with a 4K restoration to celebrate its 35th Anniversary

MGM’s Oscar®-winning ROBOCOP is soon to celebrate its 35th Anniversary by returning to cinemas nationwide from 20th May in partnership with Park Circus, with a 4K restoration of the Director’s Cut. This 4K restoration of the film is from the original camera negative by MGM, approved by director Paul Verhoeven. The film will screen in 100+ cinemas across the UK and Ireland including Vue, Odeon, Picturehouse and independent cinemas nationwide. In the US it screens across Alamo Drafthouse theaters and selected independent sites. Select cinemas in France, Austria and Australia are also involved in the reissue.

ROBOCOP, directed by Paul Verhoeven (Elle, Black Book, Basic Instinct) and written by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, stars Peter Weller (Naked Lunch, Star Trek Into Darkness), Nancy Allen (Dressed To Kill), Ronny Cox (Total Recall, Beverly Hills Cop), Kurtwood Smith (Dead Poets Society, Star Trek VI), Miguel Ferrer (Twin Peaks, Traffic) and Ray Wise (Batman: The Killing Joke, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me). The film was nominated for two Academy Awards® in 1988 and won the Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects in Editing as well as nominated for two BAFTA Awards for Best Make Up Artist and Best Special Effects.

In this classic sci-fi action-adventure, when a good cop (Peter Weller) gets blown away by ruthless criminals, innovative doctors are able to piece him back together as an unstoppable crime-fighting cyborg called “Robocop.” Equipped with high-tech weaponry, Robocop quickly cleans up the crime-ridden streets of Detroit. But despite his new, hardened exterior, Robocop relives vivid nightmares of his own death at the hands of vicious killers. Now he seeks more that justice…he seeks revenge!

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of MGM’S ROBOCOP – it’s back in cinemas from 20th May.

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