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Jaw-dropping films about Casinos

One of the conventional recreations of the many is watching movies and it has been accepted as one of the best forms of entertainment since film technologies began in the 19th century. The influence of photography and the different still images of people, animals, and images combined to create a motion picture.

Film-making begins with a storyline or an idea that producers and the people behind the production find interesting. Screenwriting will start and they will seek talents to give life to the story, the production and shooting then sound recording, post-production, and screening of the final film release. Movies introduce different genres depending on the viewer’s choice and the latest trend.

Gambling on the other hand has been an all the time favorite since the Paleolithic period. It is a harmless diversion of the many and often played in a casino. A casino that was originally called “Ridotto” housed all gambling types from poker, slots, roulette, and many others.

In the online casino, a lot of top-notched gambling sites are available like the Netticasinot or online casinos of UusimmatKasinot from Finland.

The casino has many stories and dramas which triggered the interest of some writers and eventually made them into movies.

Casino (1995)

A crime drama about Ace a gambling expert who was asked by a gambling syndicate to supervise the Tanglers Casino in Las Vegas. Problems arise along the way when the people around him put him in danger.

This is a story of crime, mafia, money, power, deception, and greed. Truly a must-see type of movie.

 Casino Royale (2006)

A remake of the classic 1973 movie, it is the story of the High rollers and the VIPs in the gambling world. This movie explores their flamboyance, wagering extravagantly, violence as well as money laundering and dirty tricks. 

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

A blockbuster casino moves at the start of the millennium, is about a thief named Danny Ocean who recruited eleven expert con-artists to steal the three famous Vegas casinos namely the MGM Grand, The Mirage, and Bellagio. These three casinos are owned by Terry Benedict a billionaire and Ocean’s love rival. 

The Croupier (1998)

This is a story of an aspiring writer who took a job in a big-time casino as a croupier. The story is all about the common incidents which usually happen in a casino where gamblers involve in cheating and trickery. The typical drama of punters who lost control and made gambling their vise and eventually lost their money as well. 

The Gambler (2014)

This film which was directed by Rupert Wyatt tackles an English teacher who gambles in high stakes. His problem occurred when he lost the game with the criminals while playing blackjack with them. He ended up owing $ 240,000 to them and he has to find a way to come up with this big money before he finds himself in real trouble. 

California Split (1974)

An American comedy-drama, it is about a casual gambler who befriends a professional gambler together they embark into a gambling adventure,s especially poker. Here, these two men disembark deeper into the world of gambling where the stakes are getting higher. 

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

A story about a man named Eric Stoner who is also known as Cincinnati Kid. He has the reputation for being the best in Poker and he wanted the beat Howard “the man”. On the scheduled date of his game with “the Man”, Cincinnati Kid realized he was set up by Slade, another gambler who lost from Howard and he wanted revenge through Eric.

The Tricheurs (1984)

A drama movie that involves sexual power games and the gambling addiction of two people a gambling addict Elric and his lover Suzie. Later Suzie also became hooked to gambling and together they entered the world of dangerous con artists.

Owning Mahowny (2003)

A classic story of a man who works in a bank who turns out to be addicted to gambling. His colleagues did not suspect him as a gambler because he is efficient with his work. Regrettably, his addiction turned from bad to worse until the time came that he steals money from the bank he is working to use in wagering.

The top nine casino-inspired movies are just one of the films which feature all happenings in the real world. It is advised that punters should know their limits and have control in playing any games. Gambling responsible advised.




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