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Popular themes and motifs in cinematography

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Moviemakers use the similar motifs and themes for decades now, and in many cases it’s understandable. If some ideas, characters, places and events charm the audience and grasp their attention, there is no need to bend over backwards to think of something unique, as most often similar themes are presented in an original way anyway. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular motifs and themes used by the screenwriters.

A theme and a motif

First, we need to determine the differences between such ideas as movie theme and motif and if there are any. The first concept, referred to as a theme, is the movie’s central idea, around which revolves the whole script. Usually, a theme is something that speaks to all people because it is a universal idea, like love, money or faith.

A motif in a film is usually much smaller and is not a central idea around which the whole story is built. It might be something that reappears throughout the whole movie and might have a crucial meaning to the story, like some sort of bird, mirrors, some signs, anything that catches the attention of the viewers and have some significance.

Popular themes and motifs

Let’s dive deep into the world of cinematography and see what are the popular themes and motifs that inspire screenwriters and let them create engaging stories that we all watch.


Of course, love is the greatest of themes for all artists, from moviemakers to poets. It’s so universal that all cultures and epochs celebrated it in their works of art. There is nothing surprising about the fact that love in movies is as common as it is in real life. Love stories are being served in the form of comedies, and dramas, and they even appear in horror, thriller, and all other genres, period dramas, simply everywhere. However, not always this marvelous feeling is the main theme. Nevertheless, screenwriters of all decades and countries were and are inspired by love and create more or less appealing stories with a pinch of tragedy and almost always a happy ending. Who doesn’t like a tale of fighting the obstacles in the name of one true feeling?


We are all uncertain of where this development of technology might take us, and these concerns are mirrored in the cinematography. Technology is one of the most popular themes in movies. It’s either represented as a threat, AI that rebels against us, or as a promise of the future (or a warning in case of dystopian stories). Screenwriters love to explore the possibilities, let their imagination run wild, and ask the questions no one knows the answers to yet.


Money intrigues, allures, excites and pushes people to some extremes, a bit like love does. No surprise is the fact that it inspires moviemakers to create stories with the money in the background. Betrayal, frauds, scams, adrenaline, luxury, who is not excited by these concepts? As love might happen to all of us, stories with big money involved are rather inaccessible to the majority. What’s left for those less fortunate (or maybe more fortunate) of us are the movies with this theme or some forms of entertainment with the gist of it. If you want to feel like a hero of a money-inspired movie, you can make use of top free spin bonuses for UK players and feel the rush of adrenaline in your veins. It’s all much safer than the casinos you can see in the movies, the rules are clear, and no gangsters wait for you to fail. You only need to choose one of the listed platforms like VegasSlotsOnline and take a spin. Maybe next time you will bet some money and have a chance to win?


The sacrifice of the main character in a movie is a common theme, but it might take a different form, as what needs to be sacrificed depends entirely on the plot. One thing is almost always the same. Whether a friendship, good life, some object or the hero themselves needs to be sacrificed, it’s always worth it in the end. It’s the theme that touches upon the deep concept of being a human and getting out of one’s selfishness.



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