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Sewer Gators attack in the trailer for the new indie thriller

When a small Louisiana town is plagued with alligator attacks stemming from peoples toilets, it’s up to a rag tag team to save the day before everyone in the town is eaten by the butt. Alligators are coming out of the sewers, they are coming for you, they are coming for your children, AND they are coming for your grandmother.

This is very much a low-budget, indie film, but sometimes that can just be the perfect thing to watch with your buddies and have a laugh.

From writer/director Paul Dale, the film stars Manon Pages, Sean Phelan, Charles Early, Kenny Bellau, Paul Dale and Sophia Brazda.

Sewer Gators will be available on VOD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and collectible VHS on June 3 from the official site.

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