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Exclusive: Garth Ennis talks about Hawk The Slayer, The Boys, 2000AD, Batman, Hitman and more

For those who don’t know, I also do a podcast with Mike Spring called After The Ending. In our most recent episode we spoke to comic book superstar Garth Ennis, creator of Preacher, The Boys, and Hitman, as well as the writer of Hawk The Slayer, Judge Dredd, Hellblazer, Batman, and too many other comics to name here!

We talked about his new comic book sequel to the cult classic film Hawk the Slayer; discuss the success of Preacher and The Boys; and we delve deep into Garth’s career and pop culture at large!

It was a fantastic conversation and I enjoyed every minute of it.

You can watch the episode below or listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or SoundCloud.

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