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Tips and Tricks for Winning More Matches in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow six siege has never handed a win to any of its players on a silver platter. You’ll have to sweat it out as it’s never been a picnic experience getting those wins. With so many players out there practicing daily to climb the ranks, the only edge you’ll have over them is a few tricks and tips.

 Like you rightly know, the only difference between you and the next player is what one knows and the other doesn’t. Use the tips we’ve provided in this article to get those wins. Furthermore, you can get some Rainbow six siege hacks from

Tips and Tricks for Winning More Matches in Rainbow Six Siege

  • Know the available operators

A huge part of your game depends on the abilities of what operator you’re playing as. Therefore, understand the different abilities of the different operators in the game. You should also take the time to learn what other operators are their best fits when creating a team.

This knowledge makes it a lot easier to choose which operator you want to play. Also, you’ll know what abilities your opponents will most likely use against you and better ways to counter them. 

  • Don’t just rush madly around corners.

If you’ve spent some time on Siege, you may have seen an opponent leaning in to see what’s around the corner. This technique is a good way to save yourself from danger, especially when plying hostile grounds.

You can activate the peeking technique by pressing the right or left stick while ADSing. This should make you see around the corner without fully exposing yourself to whatever danger there is out there. However, be careful not to peek from the same position twice. You could be unlucky if an opponent on the other side is good with his weapons – headshots can be fatal.

  • An attachment on that gun is a big plus.

Alongside your unique operator ability, a bigger part of your win in Rainbow six siege depends on how well you can use your weapons. Irrespective of the weapon you choose, you should know how and what combat situations to use.

In addition to that, having attachments on your chosen weapon will help you set the pace. Some very useful attachments you should get include scopes and a grip for improved stability. Some popular scopes in Rainbow Six Siege that we’ve found very useful include Holo sights and the ACOG.

  • Team play is important in Siege.

If you’re used to playing games where you team up in squads of 3, then you’ll need to step out of that zone in Rainbow six Siege. The game is designed to be balanced when played in teams of 5. There’ll always be thousands of people playing the game at any given time, so getting enough members in your team shouldn’t be a problem.

Getting on a team is just a smaller part of the puzzle. What’s more important is how well you fit into your team. The in-game chat makes it possible for you to communicate vital information with other team members. More importantly, make sure that any information you’re sending to any teammate is accurate.

  • Know when to be aggressive and when not to be

Rainbow six siege gives some players the task of finding an objective. The other part of the story is that you have the objective heavily guarded by your opponents, known as defenders. In this case, you’re the attacker.

If you’re playing in the attacking team, your best chances will be exploited when you go all out in the aggressive. On the other hand, play passively if you’re on the defending team. One rookie mistake some defending players make is when they get bunched up in a building, making themselves easy victims to a single grenade.


Winning a match in Rainbow Six Siege is an overestimated task. It isn’t as difficult as it is thought to be. However, you’ll need to put in some effort to get that win. Spend some time getting to know more about the different weapons and operator abilities.

Teamwork makes the dream work even in Siege. Therefore, make sure to cooperate with members of your team. Also, use some attachments to get your weapons performing at their maximum. Lastly, know when and not to be aggressive, don’t play the hero – you’ll die before you know it.


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