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What are the best games inspired by films?

Playing games has long been something that people have loved to do in their spare time. From the earliest home computers to consoles, smartphones and more modern ways of gaming, this is true. When you consider the fun of playing games, its appeal is no surprise.

Many people also love playing games that are based on movies they know. From GoldenEye 007 to the Star Wars official video games, playing titles based on familiar movies is awesome. It’s not always official game/movie tie-ins to look out for though. Sometimes, you will see games that are inspired by certain films but not actually officially based on them.

What are some of the best games inspired by top films to enjoy?


Book of Dead

Gaming is a multi-faceted sector and online casino games have seen their fair share of titles inspired by films over time. Slots are worth mentioning in particular and the Book of Dead series from Play’n GO is a prime case. These classic online slots have clearly taken a steer from the blockbusting Indiana Jones movies.

The central character of Rich Wilde is as ruggedly charming as Harrison Ford’s movie hero, and the slot series has a globe-trotting, adventurous and archaeological theme. Whether it’s searching for Aztec gold or stepping into ancient pyramids, these slots not only come with high RTPs but also use the best elements from the Indiana Jones movies.



Heading back to video games, the Fallout series is one that has done well recently – but did you know that the games were inspired by the Mad Max film franchise?

The visual style of the films is evident in the Fallout games, thus clearly showing the influence that Mad Max had on the game developers. There are also lots of gameplay touches that show where the inspiration for these games came from initially. From being able to befriend a stray dog in Fallout (just like Max did in Mad Max 2), to the leather jacket look that the main game character has, this is clearly a tribute to Mel Gibson’s character in the movies.


L.A. Noire

If anyone remembers the movie L.A. Confidential starring Russell Crowe, then they will have no problem seeing where the video game L.A. Noire got its inspiration from. The title itself is a cheeky reference for starters!

The development of the central character in the game also bears a striking resemblance to how Guy Pearce’s film character develops. With the game and film being set in almost identical time periods and having similar storylines, you do not have to hunt far to see where Rockstar Games got its inspiration from.


Top games inspired by top films

It is perhaps no surprise to see that games based on top films turn out to be pretty good themselves! As in other sectors, working with the best ingredients to begin with usually produces great results. This is also why TV producers will make shows based on top video games – such as HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation. All of the games above not only offer plenty of thrills and excitement but also an unofficial yet clear movie connection.


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