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Can you dig it? The Warriors will come out to play in the new board game

Funko Games invites you to take on the gangs of New York City in The Warriors: Come Out to Play – an energetic, cooperative game where players navigate New York‘s subway system to their home turf of Coney Island and prove their innocence. Based on the 1979 cult classic, the game transports players to a dystopian world where gangs patrol the streets and serve their version of justice.

Cyrus, the charismatic leader of the Gramercy Riffs has been murdered, and every top gang in New York things you did it! You must fight your way back to your home turf-Coney Island-and clear your name before it’s too late. Based on the 1979 cult classic, you will play as the Warriors navigating New York’s subway system, dodging police, and most importantly, maintaining your reputation as you fight your way home. (MSRP $29.99, Ages 13+, 2-4 Players)

During the game, players take on the roles of The Warriors, one of New York City’s toughest gangs. Although all players are part of the same team, each individual can decide whether to travel together or go it alone – but watch your step, encounter rival gangs and risk being challenged to a fight.

The Warriors: Come Out to Play is available beginning today in the US on Amazon and at select hobby stores nationwide.

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