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Robert Downey Jr. and Shane Black will team up once more for a new Parker movie

Robert Downey Jr. and Shane Black worked together on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3. They will team up again for a new film based on the Parker character created by author Donald E. Westlake (writing under the pen name Richard Stark), who first appeared in the 1962 book, The Hunter.

A ruthless career criminal, Parker has almost no traditional redeeming qualities, aside from efficiency and professionalism. Parker is callous, meticulous, and perfectly willing to commit murder if he deems it necessary. He does, however, live by one ethical principle: he will not double-cross another professional criminal with whom he is working, unless they try to double-cross him. Should that happen, Parker will unhesitatingly undertake to exact a thorough and brutal revenge.

Parker’s first name is never mentioned in the novels, and there are many details about him which remain unknown. In fact, it is hinted throughout the series that the name “Parker” might itself be an alias.

If that sounds familiar that is because a number of films have already been made based on the Parker books – 1967’s Point Blank starring Lee Marvin, 1999’s Payback starring Mel Gibson, and 2013’s Parker starring Jason Statham.

The great Darwyn Cooke also did a graphic novel adaptation of some of the books.

The new film is reportedly being developed by Amazon Studios. Black is co-writing the screenplay with Anthony Bagarozzi (“The Nice Guys”) and Chuck Mondry (“The Cold Warrior”), according to The Wrap.

I have enjoyed the previous adaptations of the character and realise I have yet to read any of the books. Black and Downey Jr. work well together so I look forward to seeing what they do with this. The main question is, of course, will it be set at Christmas?

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