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Cool Short Film Series: The Backrooms

This series of short films by Kane Pixels are just brilliant and incredibly creepy. They deal with The Backrooms, another dimension that is composed of infinite doors and corridors. The first sees a cameraman “noclip” through the walls of reality, as sometimes happens in video games.

The others deal with some kind of secret experiment that opens a doorway to The Backrooms.

I love things to do with Liminal Spaces, the SCP Foundation, the Control video game and strangeness so this hits all the right buttons for me. I still can’t figure out how much of it is practical sets and what is CGI as the old-school video footage works so well.

There is also a video game based around the same concept.

More short films

It is so well done and I look forward to seeing what else they do with the series. Check out the videos below.

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