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La Civil – Watch the trailer the new Mexican drama

La Civil is a thrilling, compelling and thought-provoking drama, based on true events, from director Teodora Ana Mihai.

Cielo’s (Arcelia Ramìrez, Veronica) teenage daughter, Laura, is kidnapped in Northern Mexico. Despite paying several ransoms, Laura is not returned. When the authorities offer no support in the search, Cielo takes matters into her own hands, turning from housewife into a vengeful militant. Her relentless search puts her in the crosshairs of cartel members and dubious officials alike… La Civil is a heart-breaking and important look at a country in crisis ruled by narco-violence and corruption.

Starring Arcelia Ramìrez (Veronica), Juan Daniel García Treviño (I’m No Longer Here), Álvaro Guerrero (Amores Perros) and Jorge A. Jimenez (Narcos: Mexico).

Signature Entertainment present La Civil on Digital Platforms 14th March.

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