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Anna Chazelle is writing and directing a Medusa movie

Anna Chazelle (Narrow, Anemone) will write, direct and executive produce an untitled horror film based on Medusa for Fangoria Studios.

In Greek mythology, Medusa also called Gorgo, was one of the three monstrous Gorgons, generally described as winged human females with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Those who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone. The three Gorgon sisters—Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale — were all children of the ancient marine deities Phorcys and his sister Ceto, chthonic monsters from an archaic world.

There is no word on the plot of the new film, but there is a huge amount of potential for a film based on the Medusa myth.

Tara Ansley, Armen Aghaeian, and Abhi Goel will produce the film for Fangoria Studios, with Phil Wurtzel exec producing through his Friel Films banner, alongside Chazelle.

“It’s easy to demonize Medusa, but her story is filled with justifiable feminine rage, both at the gods who created her and the mortals who seek to destroy her,” said Chazelle. “I’m excited to dive into the tale of her nascence into the Greek pantheon, and hopefully challenge the widely-accepted definition of Medusa as a mere monster.”

“Medusa is a global icon, yet her story has been overlooked for far too long,” said Aghaeian, who serves as SVP of Fangoria Studios. “Anna’s interpretation of Medusa against the backdrop of Ancient Greece will make for a cinematic journey to remember.”

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