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Short Film: Adam Savage’s The Beacon

Adam Savage (Mythbusters, Tested) has built many cool things through the years. He recently put together some fantastic spacesuits and decided to make a short film that used them.

Here’s what ADAM SAVAGE DID LAST SUMMER! He, with the support of the gaming network G4, designed and built two xEMU-inspired spacesuits to celebrate G4’s relaunch next week! It was a months-long build that required a LOT of problem solving along with a LOT of help from his friends, including Jen Schachter, Brett Foxwell, Christine Knobel and even Attack of Show’s Kevin Pereira. Adam was so thrilled with the final suits we felt they needed a proper debut, resulting in this short film that we filmed in ONE DAY at Fonco Studios in LA. We hope you enjoy, and look forward to HOURS of build content starting next week!

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