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Isabelle Fuhrman is The Novice in the trailer for Lauren Hadaway’s new film

Isabelle Fuhrman plays Alex Dall, a queer college freshman who joins her university’s rowing team and undertakes an obsessive physical and psychological journey to make it to the top varsity boat, no matter the cost. Intent on outperforming her teammates, Alex pushes herself to her limits—and beyond, alienating everyone around her in the name of success. Furhman’s fierce lead performance collides with Lauren Hadaway’s bold direction and dynamic editing, creating a visceral window into a cutthroat world. Stylish cinematography and a seductive soundtrack complete the experience, evoking the romance and danger of falling in love; the attraction, the drama and the fallout. This unapologetic debut from Hadaway, based on her personal experience as a competitive collegiate rower, heralds a bold new voice in storytelling. If you liked Whiplash, this one’s for you.

Lauren Hadaway directs the film, which stars Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), Amy Forsyth, Dilone, Jonathan Cherry, Kate Drummond, Charlotte Ubben, Chantelle Bishop, Jeni Ross, Sage Irvine and Nikki Duval.

In US cinemas and On Digital December 17, 2021.

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