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Check out the Writers on Film Podcast

There are always new podcasts heading our way, but I just wanted to draw your attention to one by our very own John Bleasdale.

Called Writers on Film, John talks to various people about books they have written about…..wait for it… Here is what John has to say about it.

I’ve always read a lot of film books and during the pandemic, I did a few interviews with writers primarily because there was very little else to pitch. But I enjoyed doing it so much I wanted to keep doing it. I like speaking to people who know more than me. And these people have literally written the book. Some of them are legendary, others are up-and-coming writers so that’s a lot of fun as well.

He has already spoken to quite a few different people including:

  • Alan Dean Foster on novelizations
  • Gabriel Byrne on his autobiography
  • Sam Wasson on Chinatown
  • Ian Nathan on Ridley Scott
  • Helen O’Hara author of Hollywood v Women
  • Kaleem Aftab who wrote Spike Lee’s autobiography
  • Mark Harris bestselling author of Mike Nichols and pictures from a Revolution
  • Paul Cronin who wrote Herzog on Herzog
  • Amy Raphael on Mike Leigh
  • Lynne Sachs is a poet and filmmaker.

There are some great guests coming up, including Molly Haskell who wrote the book From Reverence to Rape and Glenn Frankel who wrote the recent book on Midnight Cowboy.

It is fantastic podcast and John is a great interviewer. Lots of wonderful people to listen to talking about incredible movies and cinematic legends.

You can check out the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Acast and more.

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