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The greatest Casino Mafia Movies of All Time

Gambling and organized crime have always been popular themes with moviemakers. Not surprisingly, some of the Hollywood blockbusters combined these two themes with great success. The result was a flurry of games that depict the deeds of the Mafia in the casino industry, particularly in Las Vegas. There are quite a few films that fall into this category, but not all of them are worth your time according to the guys over at who comprised the list below. If you want to be sure that the movies you end up watching are good, you should definitely try these three first.


Three decades ago, Marty Scorsese directed Goodfellas, a film that was an instant hit at Hollywood. The film focuses on the evolution of Henry Hill, a gangster with humble beginnings who quickly climbed the ladder. On his way to the top, he had to make some difficult decisions, which reverberated into his future. The complex nature of the criminal enterprise and the numerous challenges faced by the protagonist are depicted in the movie. Goodfellas tells the story of Henry Hill and his friends in a fascinating manner that keeps those watching at the edge of their seats.


In the mid-90s, Marty Scorsese returned into the spotlight with one of the greatest casino Mafia movies of all time. Simply named Casino, this movie wasn’t as appreciated and the previous Goodfellas, at least not immediately after its release. Nevertheless, the storytelling is just as good and it quickly gets viewers fully immersed into the casino and Mafia theme. Frank Rosenthal is the protagonist of the movie, with Robert DeNiro portraying the character in an impeccable manner. Joe Pesci’s contribution to the success of the film was just as great, with his character Nicky Santoro turning the casino business into a raging volcano.

Casino Royale

Not necessarily a Mafia and casino movie, Casino Royale is a James Bond film that brilliantly tackles these two themes. Daniel Craig is amazing in the role of 007, but the success of the casino scenes is the result of Mads Mikkelsen’s stellar performance. The decision to reboot the franchise and adapt the 1967 novel was brilliant and the two actors ensured the success of the film. The confrontations at the poker table are captivating and they had an important contribution to the growing popularity of the game online. This is a film that both poker and movie fans can watch several times without the risk of getting bored.

Any of these three films is perfect to start your casino Mafia movie marathon. We strongly recommend giving them all a try because you won’t regret the time spent watching. What’s more likely is that the films will open the appetite for more movies with similar themes.



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