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Highly Anticipated Upcoming Sports Movies

Everybody loves a sports movie, whether it is a heart-warming comedy featuring Adam Sandler or a hard-hitting blockbuster like Ali. Movie directors and producers also love the world of sports because it is constantly coming up with fresh storylines, meaning that half the time a screen writer’s job is almost done for them.

Because of all this, there are always lots of sports movies in the pipeline and under production, meaning that sports fans and movie lovers have at least a few sporting motion pictures to look forward to at any one time. Here are just some of the most anticipated sports movies that are on the horizon right now. Which ones will you be booking your tickets to get out there and see?

The NFL is a prime hunting ground for great stories, with some of the best sports movies ever made having emerged from the depths of the world of gridiron

American Underdog – The Story of Kurt Warner

Americans are obsessed with their version of football and in some towns and cities the quarterback of the local team is often looked up to as a shining light for the wider community to follow, not to mention sports bettors who will hang on his every pass and rush yard.

American Underdog is the story of the man who helped the St. Louis Rams upset all the predictions made by online tipsters and oddsmakers by winning the Super Bowl in 1999. His story was remarkable for the amount of times he had been written off during his career, at one point being reduced to stacking shelves in his local supermarket, with only his most loyal fans continuing to plump their carefully selected sports free bets on the Iowa native one day making it to the big time. US sport in general is full of underdog stories and this movie promises to rank right up there with the best of them.

Grab your popcorn and get ready to be wowed by some of these incredible sports movies

King Richard – A Tennis Dreamer

The Williams sisters are the greatest players to have ever graced the WTA Tour, having notched up countless grand slam victories and ruled the world rankings for years. The man behind their success was Richard Williams, who taught them this sport – which is usually reserved for elites – from the discomfort of a public gravel court in Compton.

The rest, of course, is history, with the two sisters going on to reshape the game in their own image and lead the way for other players like Naomi Osaka and Cori Gauff. Despite his remarkable success as a coach, Richard Williams was derided by much of the tennis elite, and this movie signals his long overdue recognition as a man who would accept nothing less than greatness for those under his care. Will Smith plays the lead in this one, and it promises to be a smash hit.

Bruised – An MMA Battle for the Ages

Slowly but surely MMA is taking over from boxing as the premier combat sport on the planet, and it is often typified by the incredible rags to riches stories that stem from it.

Women fighters are right at the forefront of this, with the likes of Claressa Shields and Rose Namajunas drawing big audiences as much as their male counterparts. Bruised taps into that popularity by following the story of a down and out female MMA fighter. Halle Berry plays the story’s protagonist, who must jump back in the ring one last time in order to cling onto everything she holds dear in life. The parallels between the movie’s plot and the cutthroat business model of the UFC will not be lost on those MMA fans who know a thing or two about the fight game.

Schumacher – Story of a Racing Legend

There is no other name in F1 racing as recognisable as Michael Schumacher, who dominated the motorsport for a generation before finally succumbing to a freak ski accident in the French Alps. This documentary-style movie details the amazing highs and lows of a life that changed sport forever. The movie is already out in some territories but is sure to be available everywhere sooner rather than later.



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