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What Can Games Teach Us About the Future?

The future is right around the corner but even if we peek we wouldn’t know what’s in store. That’s why futuristic movies, paintings, and songs are so popular. This goes for games as well. And there are countless futuristic games out there that help us envision the future. In that regard, here’s what games can teach us about the future:

The Probability of Nuclear Fallout – Fallout New Vegas

Nuclear plants can go off if they’re not handled properly and one boom can set us back a hundred years. Nuclear bombs are just as devastating. So, many popular cities will be destroyed and the survivors will rebuild them. This is the case with New Vegas which even offers players post-apocalyptic casinos to play in. Rewards include bottle caps, weapons, gear, and keys to private suites.

Vegas is a beacon of the casino industry, although the online sector is booming nowadays. There are lots of online sites that offer all kinds of games and promotions, as casino fans know. They might be looking for a good bonus or game, or a fast payout casino site with their favorite payment method. The main thing to remember about visiting such sites and enjoying their games is to do so responsibly.

Nuclear fallout will be devastating and surviving it will mean sticking together hence the many factions of Fallout New Vegas. Defeating mutants is also a probability.

Connecting Consciousness to Computers – Observer

This is the direction that technology is taking now. Transferring consciousness to computers is the next great step for humanity as it will help us take ourselves to another level. Observer warns us of the possible outcome of such a future. As not all is fine when you have gadgets that are part of you. Your body might not take them well which is why Dan, the titular observer, takes pills.

Privacy is pretty much non-existent as the Observers can hack into any mind, living or dead. The ending of the game will pose another important question: How much is too much tech and if there’s enough tech is there a need for a body? That’s why Observer is such a good game and it lets the player decide how to deal with this. As this technology is still in development we need to take it carefully.

Space Travel and Aliens – Starcraft II

Aside from the great story, Starcraft II shows us another possibility of the future which is closer than we think. Both state and private spaceships have reached space so it’s only a matter of time before we’re able to explore space and sustain human life on another planet. In this game, there are lots of planets to visit and their mineral and gasses are great for fueling the economy and keeping the colonies alive.

But then there’s the kicker when the aliens appear. Some of them, like the Protoss, might be friendly, while others, like the Zerg, might not take kindly to people visiting their world. That’s why we need to be prepared for both options as both are viable. So, we might make alien-friend and alien-enemies, but we’ll master space travel in a couple of hundred years.



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