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Video Essay: Ralph Bakshi and The Lord of the Rings

Dan Olson of Folding Ideas put together this excellent video essay that looks at the 1978 film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings by Ralph Bakshi.

Here is what Dan had to say about it.

While the video talks mostly about The Lord of the Rings (1978) there is a discussion of Bakshi’s earlier R-rated and NC-17 films, which deal with heavy subject matter like racism, police violence, transphobia, drug abuse, and various adult scenarios.

This was intended to be a quick little video that I could churn out in a couple weeks at the end of June, but it’s now taken almost the whole summer. I haven’t done animation like this in years, and never with this kind of a coherent goal, so approximately 48 seconds of this video consumed 80% of the entire post-production time.

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