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Cool Batman Fan Film: A Dark Knight Before The Dawn

Gotham is on the verge of war, chaos plagues the streets, the police are stretched thin. Now our greatest ally, our greatest detective, The Batman has gone missing. I hope it’s because he has a plan… if you’re out there we need you!

Inspired by our love of The Batman comic universe we at Taipan Films and Little Picture House wanted to explore a moment in a much larger story. Batman has been captured by his greatest nemesis The Joker and time is running out.

This is a fan film from the co-creator of Red Queen a Harley Quinn film and the mind of producer Shaun Macey.

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Directed by Kerryn Williams, the film stars Aaron Robinson as The Batman, Beau Baker as The Joker, Bronte Reynolds as Harley Quinn and Cameron Bourne as Superman.

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