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The Modern MMO Games and Their Types

Gaming is one of the unique ways that people get relaxed and entertain themselves. And with mobile devices, it has become much easier for people to play their game of choice.

Casino games are a good example that gamers all over the world enjoy. This is because of the number and variety of games that modern online casinos offer, thus players can choose from. Some game lovers prefer making their game real either by staking money into it to know how versatile they are with their games played. The others adore challenging games, which require strategies and brainstorming. The third part of players prefer society; thus, live casino games are the best variant for them.

Casino games also have the advantage of players earning passively through a game played combed with the fun that comes with it. Players can choose to play video games, slots, and more with free slot play or making a deposit. In the casino, there are also MMO games that are fun-filled and good to play on. What are MMO games and their types? Let’s get into the details of it.

What are MMO Games?

MMO, also called Massively Multiplayer Online game, has a large audience and users. The players of the MMO games are usually in hundreds or thousands on the same server that plays the game. This type of game is not meant to be played alone as it is a competition and cooperation game. These games function like a community or a social media platform that allows players from different places to interact with each other before the commencement of the game. The game is suited for a network-capable platform like pc, video game, console, smartphones, or other mobile devices. Many of the games attributed to MMO games are mostly video games. All you need to play the game is a good internet connection to the server where other players are.

Types of MMO Games

  • Role-Playing: this is considered to be a Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing game (MMORPGs). This is the most known type of all the types of MMO games. This game is designed to be a multiplayer browser game and has been seen as a browser-based game. The game’s design as a multiplayer browser reduces the infrastructure costs while utilizing a thin client.
  • Bulletin board role-playing games: The games of this type are made up of text and descriptions. The images in this game are meant to act as an enhancement for the game. This game is a part of the Massively Multiplayer Online Bulletin Board Role Playing Games (MMOBBRPGs).
  • First-Person Shooter:  is the Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter (MMOFPS). This type of MMO game features multiplayer at the same time in a first-person shooter mode. In this game, players have large-scale and team-based combat — players’ skills in more paramount in this type of game than any other thing.
  • Real-Time Strategy: this game is known as the Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMORTS). It incorporates its real-time Strategy together with a persistent world. In this type of game, players lead the general, king, or other figureheads that lead the army into the battlefront. The titles assumed are more of sci-fi or fantasy.
  • Turn-Based Strategy: this is another MMO game where the number of players shares the same playing field of conquest. Turns are time-based in these MMO games, and the ‘tick.’ Tick occurs once every 30 seconds. Players in combat or racing can control multiple vehicles. An example of this game is the war on the wheels.
  • Simulations: this MMO game simulates the real world and focuses on the industry with high risk and potential loss. Examples of such are airplanes, rocket science, battle tanks, trucks, etc. examples of these MMO games include the world of tanks, war thunder, motor city online, etc.
  • Sports: sports are also featured under the MMO games. Players of these games can compete in prominent traditional league sports like football, basketball, hockey, golf, baseball, etc.
  • Racing: There is massive multiplayer online racing (MMOR) for players in MMO games. Although the number of MMO racing is not huge, there are the likes of iRacing, Test Drive, Kart Rider, Drift city, etc.
  • Casual: this type of MMO game is designed to appeal to computer users. The games in this category are easy to learn, and there are no technicalities involved. An example of this game is the Kung Fu Panda World.
  • Music/Rhythm: this is another MMO game that centers on music video games. An example of a game here is the World Dance Floor.
  • Social: Massively Multiplayer Online Social Games (MMOSGs) emphasizes socialization games other than the objective-based. An example of this is the game Second Life.
  • Combat: This is another MMO game that is real-time objective and involves Strategy and captures the flag style modes. An example of this game is Infantry Online.


MMO games have been gaining more popularity day-in and day-out among lovers of online game players. This type of game has a huge number of games that you can choose from to play. And it is an exciting game as players are not playing alone. You will have to meet with other players from different places who want to play the same game. These other players can be for you to combat other forces, while some may be against you to see to your defeat. The Massively Multiplayer Online Games are very interesting to play on, as you will gain more experience and exposure in the game played.

Due to the prominence that the MMO games have been witnessing among game lovers globally, most developers have been turning the traditional single players into multiplayer online games. These games are highly fascinating and lively to play for game lovers. Moreover, they give some form of socialization among the users and create a community where like minds can meet and relate.


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