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The Crossover to Online iGaming for Video Gamers

One of the biggest draws for gamers who made the switch from having a dedicated gaming box like the Xbox or Playstation to online PC gaming is the massive range of games available. There an ever-expanding catalogue of literally hundreds of thousands of titles available; the PC gamer is basically spoilt for choice.

As a result, the online gaming world effectively won over the world of dedicated purpose-built gaming consoles. In the same way, the online iGaming market has made leaps and strides with online games and graphics development and similarly offers a massive range of high-definition video gaming options.

The growth of the iGaming online market

Many online gamers are experiencing a crossover into the realm of iGaming, with superior graphics and intuitive bots now replicating the interaction of players and croupiers in a real-world casino-style setting. The immersive environment thus parallels the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ real-world environment.

The development of online poker platforms is typical of one element of the iGaming market, with players typically being able to set up personalised accounts and avatars and participating in solo or multiplayer games of chance.

At the heart of any iGaming site is the basic principle of re-creating the experience of playing in a traditional land-based casino or game of chance as faithfully as possible.

iGaming features

Typically, a range of play options, levels, and incentives characterise the iGaming market in much the same way as the online gaming world.

As well as the ability to set up a defined character and avatar, the iGamer is typically afforded a broad variety of game options with different graphics and settings. Skill levels can be set, and a progression through various challenges, table levels, and incentives can be navigated.

Many games also permit the player to switch between preset characters and avatars/names.

Games such as online poker will also typically offer the opportunity to engage in regular tournaments and events.

Optimisation for mobile, tablet, and PC

iGaming websites are generally optimised for a range of user devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and traditional PCs, so accessibility and ease of access are high.

The future of iGaming

The iGaming market is unsurprisingly competitive, which of course, ultimately works in the player’s favour. Intense competition means game providers are working continuously to provide better games, more realistic touches, and better incentives to gain market share.

This means the range of games available is increasing dramatically. Technology is being pushed to its utmost to provide realism, seamless action, and an immersive experience for the player.

As with PC gaming, the current tech level is ‘augmented reality’ – effectively a level of realism that allows players to both see and talk to each other. This will extend to something closely approximating a true virtual reality, permitting players to watch games passively and view other tables and games in progress while playing the main game.

In short, the technology is improving in leaps and bounds and driven by demand; this ensures that the developments will continue to roll.

The future may be so bright you’ll have to wear shades.


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