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19 movies with the extraordinary interior designs

  1. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, 1961

Holly Golightly’s apartment may not be large, but it does not lack comfort and charm. The interior is dominated by light colors, which makes it more spacious and airy. Extravagant pieces like a zebra-print rug or a bathtub sofa sit alongside exceptional vintage finds, and that’s the key to understanding Holly’s dual nature: frivolous but determined, fragile on the outside but strong on the inside.

  1. “Gone with the Wind”, 1939

The Twelve Oaks Estate is the place of many fateful meetings for Scarlett. Here, in one of her favorite ball gowns, she confessed her feelings for Ashley and first encountered Rhett Butler. Graceful staircases decorated with gilding, vaulted ceilings, and sculptural columns, beds with silk canopies create an atmosphere of almost defiant luxury against the backdrop of the dramatic events of the civil war.

  1. “Call me by your name”, 2017

In addition to the incredible love story “Call Me by Your Name” admires the beauty of the Italian estate where the shooting took place. Frescoed ceilings, fabric-covered walls, antique stucco, carvings, and gildings lavishly adorn the mansion.

  1. “A Lonely Man”, 2004

For designer Tom Ford, who directed the film Single Man, the look of the interiors and characters was almost as important as the plot. Every scene in Charlotte’s house is enveloped in the retro charm of the 1960s and is sure to inspire a fan of the period.

  1. “Midnight in Paris”, 2011

If you’ve ever dreamed of being born in another century, you have a lot in common with the main character in the movie Midnight in Paris. A hopeless romantic, Gil adores the era of the roaring twenties and, one day, inexplicably finds himself there, in the company of his idols – Fitzgerald, Picasso, Hemingway. Thanks to this time travel, we see a variety of interiors on the screen: the suite at Le Bristol, Gertrude Stein’s house, Maxim’s restaurant, and many others.

  1. “2001: A Space Odyssey”, 1968

Stanley Kubrick’s meticulous approach to details has made Space Odyssey one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. More than half a century has passed, and disputes about the interpretation of the plot have not subsided to this day. However, Kubrick worked on the interiors no less carefully than on the film script. Now the surroundings of the film of the late 1960s look no less relevant, and some pieces of furniture have become iconic, for example, the red Djinn chair by Olivier Mourgue.

  1. “The Graduate”, 1967

The Oscar-winning film starring the talented Dustin Hoffman immerses you in the undisguised luxury of Beverly Hills in the late 1960s. The house of the charming Mrs. Robinson in the suburbs of Los Angeles with black leather chairs and a semicircular bar is more reminiscent of the style of an obscenely rich yacht that crosses the waves of the Pacific Ocean. We advise you to watch this Hollywood fairy tale again.

  1. “The Devil Wears Prada”, 2006

The filmmakers do not hide that the prototype of Miranda Priestley was, of course, Anna Wintour, who is famous for her impeccable taste and sense of style. The office design of the glossy magazine “Podium”, inspired by the interiors of Vogue, is thought out to the smallest detail and in fact, gives a lot of ideas for decorating your home. Just take a look at the gallery of Miranda’s paintings and photographs – this is how it is quite possible to decorate a hall or living room.

  1. “The Great Gatsby”, 2013

Our selection would be incomplete without this cult film about the roaring twenties. The Great Gatsby is the alphabet of the Art Deco style with its inherent strict geometric shapes, noble materials, shining gilded accessories, and quirky prints. If you are looking to bring a touch of glitz and glamor to your home, this film is the ultimate guide.

  1. Atonement, 2007

A heart-pounding drama starring the brilliant Keira Knightley takes place on a wealthy aristocratic estate near London. Refined lampshades, delicate floral wallpaper, heavy curtains, paintings in thick gold frames – all this creates an atmosphere of unique English charm.

  1. “Sex and the City”, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw’s New York apartment is far from our reality and, perhaps, too atypical: the kitchen is in a closed room, but the bedroom smoothly flows into the dressing room, and then into the bathroom. Nevertheless, the features of interior design can be taken into account. In addition to the dressing room, we love the mix of warm and cold tones, 1960s style furniture, and a huge bookcase. To find furniture pieces in this style you can go to New York Furniture Outlets.

  1. “Darkest Hour”, 2017

Joe Wright’s biopic, based on real events, depicts with phenomenal accuracy not only the figure of Winston Churchill but also the sophisticated English interiors of the Second World War. If your ideal home is unthinkable without mahogany, marble, and polished silver, then this is definitely your movie.

  1. “The Shape of Water”, 2017

If you can take your eyes off the creepy amphibian man, you will notice how beautiful the interiors are in The Shape of Water, which recreates the life and atmosphere of 1960s America. The film’s color palette is built around different shades of water. The nautical theme is intensified especially in the interiors of Eliza’s house. Take a look, for example, at a Japanese-style wallpaper with a fish scale print, or a wall with peeling gray plaster that looks like waves from a certain angle.

  1. “Marie Antoinette”, 2006

Sofia Coppola’s painting about the French queen is a real Rococo holiday with its inherent pretentiousness. It is hardly worth trying to recreate this style in a modern apartment, but there are a few ideas to take note of: a “candy” palette of pastel pinks, beige, and blues, which is back in fashion, graceful crystal accessories, and a floral print.

  1. “Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky”, 2009

The French melodrama about two great personalities is the perfect film for lovers of the black and white palette. You will find here a lot of inventive options for the design of a monochrome interior, in which Mademoiselle Coco feels so organically, but Madame Stravinskaya doesn’t. We will not reveal all the secrets – see it by yourself.

  1. “The Favorite”, 2018

Yorgos Lanthimos’ film about the reign of Anna Stewart in the early 18th century was filmed at Hampton Court Palace on the Thames and at Hatfield House Jacobin Mansion in north London. The interiors of ancient English castles are striking in their beauty – just what are the skillful tapestries, graceful stucco molding, and carved wooden panels.

  1. Mary Poppins Returns, 2018

For Mary Poppins Returns, production designer John Myhre built Mr. Banks’ white mansion on the grounds of one of Britain’s largest film studios, Shepperton. In his interpretation, it turned out to be very cozy: “Children should not live in giant white cottages. Our house is a little more modest, more real and warmer, “Mayr explained in an interview with Disney.

  1. “The Ghost Writer”, 2009

The main action of the film by Roman Polanski is set in a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard Island in Massachusetts, a favorite vacation spot for Hollywood celebrities, as well as for the Kennedy and Clinton families. Ascetic gray-brown scale, brutal materials, unusual conceptual art objects create a cold, if not depressing atmosphere. Panoramic windows almost blur the border between the house and the surrounding landscape, and the colors of the landscape seem to flow into the interior.

  1. Pride and Prejudice, 1995

A long weekend is a great time to revisit the drama miniseries with Colin Firth, based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen. The film crew has traveled all over the UK in search of the perfect Longbourne, the Bennet family home. As a result, it became an old mansion in Wiltshire with well-preserved architecture and rich history. In addition to the brilliant acting, you can enjoy the traditional English style with wooden floors, fireplaces, floral curtains, and classic furnishings.

  1. “Carol”, 2015

Characters of Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett first meet in a bustling New York department store, but their romance unfolds on a New Jersey estate. Production Designer Judy Becker contrasts the somber stone facade of Carol’s mansion with warm, sophisticated interiors that reflect the gentle nature of nascent love.


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