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Perlimps – Watch the teaser for the gorgeous new animated feature

Perlimps is the new feature film directed by Alê Abreu, Oscar-nominated director of “Boy and the World” (O Menino e o Mundo).

Claé and Bruô are secret agents working for enemy kingdoms. Lost in the Enchanted Forest, amid forgotten ruins, pyramids, gas mountains and floating-rock deserts, they discover they have the same mission: to save the Perlimps from the terrible Giants that have surrounded the forest.

“Perlimps was born mainly from the idea of beings that come from another dimension: The Kingdom of Infinity,” Abreu told Cartoon Brew. “These beings arrive in a playful and magical place, the enchanted forest, before entering the real world. More than a geographical space, I think it is a place without time, an allusion to childhood.”

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