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On The 3rd Day – Watch the trailer for the new Argentinian horror movie

Genre specialist sales outfit Black Mandala has sent over the trailer for the horror-thriller, On The 3rd Day, direct by Daniel de la Vega (White Coffin, Necrophobia), produced by Del Toro Films (The Funeral Home, I am Toxic) and stars Moro Anghileri, Gerardo Romano, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Osvaldo Santoro, Diego Cremonesi, special appearance by Osmar Nuñez. Octavio Belmonte, Mathias Domizi, Verónica Intile, Arturo Bonín, Sergio Boris, Rodolfo Ranni, Susana Beltrán, Pochi Ducasse.

A mother who will do the impossible to find her son, even if it costs her to go through hell itself. In the words of its director: “a terrifying story that grows both in suspense and strong emotions at all times … causing the truth of the film to be revealed in an absolutely unexpected climax, a climax that will be like a dagger to the heart of each spectator.”

Cecilia and her son embark on a journey. On the third day, she is found wandering alone, not remembering what happened during this time. She is desperately looking for her son and finds herself wrapped in a brutal hunt, carried out by a religious fanatic, whom she faces off against. To her, he’s a lunatic. To him, Cecilia is the enemy.

Daniel De la Vega is a benchmark in Argentine genre cinema. He is the director of the titles Jennifer’s Shadow, Death Knows your Name, White Coffin and Necrophobia, among others. The genre-loving public has been able to see his work in different media, including premieres in cinemas, broadcasts on national and international channels and his titles White Coffin and Necrophobia were available on Netflix. He is currently developing his new feature film El Último Hereje.

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