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Munchkin: Critical Role is now here

Unexpected twists and story-rich sessions are just behind this box lid for Critters and munchkins alike! MUNCHKIN: Critical Role is available now!

This latest addition to The Op and Steve Jackson Games’ officially licensed line of co-branded titles pairs the classic treasure-hunting hit with the gregarious personalities of The Mighty Nein, the adventuring party from the show’s second campaign. Arm yourself with Items, enlist Guest Stars to defeat monsters, and be the first to reach Level 10 and win!

Take on the roles of Beauregard Lionett, Caduceus Clay, Fjord Stone, Jester Lavorre, Nott the Brave, Yasha Nydoorin, Veth Brenatto, and Caleb Widogast and use your character’s special abilities to your advantage. Embark on your own adventures in Wildemount wearing your Tusked Breastplate or Boots of the Vigilant, protect yourself with One Shot such as Invisibility, and collect Guest Stars including Orly Skiffback and Kiri to fight by your side.

I do love Critical Role, but have never played Munchkin. I must pick this up at some point.

Just watch out as you open the Doors; you might find yourself in a skirmish with Captain Avantika, caught between dually defeating Doppelgangers, or duking it out with Wohn and Lorenzo. Flesh out your alignment and power through to victory with Drive and Role cards and add spice to your battles with the help of the included d20 die.

Jump into the strategic planning and betrayals that friends and families expect from the award-winning card game and accent it with your own quick wit known of the lauded web series! The standalone 172-card collection contains aspects from both franchises throughout that will inspire everyone from Humans and Halflings to Clerics to Barbarians, thanks to 160 never-before-seen illustrations by artists Elena Muñoz and Tyler Hostettler.

MUNCHKIN: Critical Role is a card game for 3-6 players, ages 10 and up, for $24.99. Kindly acquire a copy from your local game store, get it from the Critical Role online shop, or add it to your cart here with other Critical Role items available from The Op such as the “Mighty Nein” or “Vox Machina” 1,000-piece puzzles, illustrated by fan artist Lauren Walsh.

Available now from the Critical Role online store!

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