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Netflix is doing a huge deal for Rian Johnson’s two Knives Out sequels

I knew that Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig were returning for a sequel to 2019’s Knives Out, but it turns out there will be a third film as well. It also looks like Netflix is making a deal with Johnson for both films that will be worth $400 million-plus!

That’s a lot of money and, according to Deadline, it will be one of the biggest streamer movie deals in history. Johnson, who wrote the original, has written the sequels and is producing with partner Ram Bergman

Apparently, there was an auction between Apple, Netflix and Amazon and it appears that Netflix won out. As the original movie cost $40 million and took over $311 million then you can see why there would be a bidding war on it.

I did enjoy the first film and do feel that Johnson’s strengths lie more with this type of Earthbound mystery thriller than it does in a galaxy far, far away. Go check out his 2005 modern-day noir film, Brick.

The first film will begin shooting this June in Greece, and casting will begin immediately. I imagine, apart from Daniel Craig, it will be an all-new cast of characters.

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