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10 Casino Scenes in Films you will never forget

Mega casinos continue to fascinate those who are regulars at the casino as well as those who have never stepped inside one but have seen it on TV. Perhaps this is because land-based casinos are synonymous with luxury, lavish living, huge wins, mystery, thrills, and excitement.

Frequented by the elite sections of society, casinos are out of the reach of a majority of people, something that makes them all the more fascinating. And that’s precisely why movies have casino scenes.

Guest author Joe Booth takes a look at 10 casino film scenes that you will never forget. To find out more about Joe Booth, click here.

Memorable scenes from the casino can complete a movie, introducing into it elements of thrill, suspense, fascination, adventure, and anticipation in the right quantities. These are 10 unforgettable casino scenes in movies.

Babbit Brothers Play Blackjack in Rain Man

Rain Man is a classic 1988 movie with an unforgettable casino scene. The protagonists of the movie, the Babbit brothers, have to raise money to settle their debts. They decide to use their blackjack and card counting skills to do the same. Raymond’s amazing numerical ability, which ultimately helps the brothers win a huge pile of cash, is unforgettable.

Hilarious Casino Scenes in The Hangover

The 2009 comedy Hangover has one casino scene that reminds you of the blackjack game in Rain Man. One of the unfortunate friends in Hangover has amazing card counting abilities, which he uses to pull the other friends out of the soup. You can see how Alan counts cards to win a large cash prize at blackjack in this scene.

Bond Battles against the Villain in Casino Royale

Casino gaming is the major ingredient of this 2006 James Bond movie. Almost every Bond movie has casino best scenes, but this one beats them all. Watch Bond play the toughest game of Texas Hold’em against the criminal Le Chiffre. Victor is ultimately Bond’s, but the action will remain in your memory for as long as you live.

British agent 007 played a big role in boosting the presence of land-based casinos in the UK. Today, a lot of UK players prefer online casinos instead of dressing up and visiting a land-based casino. If you are looking for a good UK facing online casino, check out slots online.

Lola Tries to Save Her Boyfriend in Run Lola Run

Released in 1998, Run Lola Run has a gripping casino scene, in which Lola tries to win 100,000 Deutschmarks at a casino in Berlin to get her boyfriend out of the clutches of a local gang.

Ocean’s Eleven – Biggest Casino Heist in the Industry

This is an action-packed heist movie that will have you biting your fingernails in excitement. As many as 11 gangsters get together to participate in the biggest casino heist of them all. They aim to rob $150 million from three rival-owned casinos.

An Unforgettable Bluff in Cool Hand Luke

A movie released before the 80s, Cool Hand Luke tells the story of Paul Newman. You cannot forget the moment when Newman bluffs a group of pensioners in Florida with an empty hand in Stud Poker.

Unforgettable Comic Casino Scene in Swingers

The most unforgettable Swingers casino scene is when Trent advises his friend Mike to double down at a $100 blackjack table. The two get into an argument before Mike loses everything he has.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Slot or Droid?

This 2017 Star Wars movie has a funny casino scene. An alien gambler visits Canto Bright Casino and thinks that a droid is a slot machine. The situation turns hilarious when he tries to insert coins inside the droid.

Bond Plays Baccarat in GoldenEye

This Bond movie is important as it was released in 1995 after a six-year break because of certain legal issues the actor had to handle. The Golden Eye was a source of great delight to James Bond fans.

The most unforgettable casino scene in this movie was when Bond plays baccarat in Casino de Monte Carlo. The casino scene was shot in a studio and the exterior was shot at the casino, which also features in Never Say Never Again, another James Bond movie.

21 – Playing Blackjack Games in Las Vegas

Although immensely popular among blackjack enthusiasts, anybody can view and enjoy this casino-themed movie. The story is about a group of college students who play blackjack in Las Vegas casinos. In one of the most memorable scenes of this movie, one of the characters loses lots of money while playing blackjack.

21 is inspired by the real story of six MIT students who learned how to count cards and later used their skills at Las Vegas casinos to win millions of dollars at the blackjack tables.


If you missed seeing any of the movies we listed above, go ahead and see if there are available on Netflix today.


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