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The All-Time Greatest Filmmakers You Should Know About

Desiring to know the brains behind a movie is what happens when one encounters a great movie. The owners of these brains have been the people behind our fun-filled days. Moreover, movies are a great means of exposure, having not only the educative aspect, the fun-aspect, the creativity-aspect but also the aspect that keeps you in deep thoughts days after viewing it.

By virtue of this, a special set of people made it their responsibility and goal to bring to us these various aspects of life in a captivating way. Creatively doing the things they do, filmmakers have made us constantly open our imagination, finding ways into our subconsciousness, and literally grabs a seat there. And then, we are left with the feeling of more.

I guess you’ve experienced that too, and if you haven’t, maybe due to academic pressure, then now is the time to seek help from an expert dissertation service provider and experience some of the best creative movies by yourself.

Taking a leap to what we have today, let’s get to know some of these wonderful personalities behind the scenes.

James Cameron

As the heading goes, ‘All-time filmmakers’, James Francis Cameron is one whose name has lasted in the history of filmmaking. Born on August 16, 1954, in his hometown Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, he is well known for his creative ability to turn seemingly impossible ideas into amazing visuals.

Titanic being one of his notable works, still sparks reactions amongst viewers till today. His movies Terminator (1984), Aliens (1986), The Abyss (1989), Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), Avatar (2009), and many more have always hit the spotlight and kept on gaining solid grounds for him in his career and have got him several awards like Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Film Editing.

Right now, we look forward to his promised Avatar Sequels coming soon.

Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone, popularly known as one of the most influential directors in the history of cinema, was born on January 3, 1929, in Rome, Italy. Although late (1929-1989), his works live on. He was the initiator of the Spaghetti Western genre.

His film-production style is known for its lengthy shots. Some of them are A Fistful of Dollars (1964), The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966), For a Few Dollars More (1965), Once Upon A Time In The West (1968), and Once Upon A Time In America (1984), all of which are still relevant in the industry today.

Spike Lee

Specializing more in the deep unraveling of the media, Urban crime, race relations, and politics at its apex, Shelton Jackson ‘Spike’ Lee has always used filmmaking as a means to effect social change.

Born on March 20, 1957, Spike’s films always bring up necessarily important thoughts, debates, and conversations. By this, many look forward to each of his single releases and what it has to offer. Do The Right Thing (1989), 4 Little Girls (1997), 25th Hour (2002), and BlackKklansman (2018) are some of his works. The latest Da 5 Bloods will be on Netflix this summer.

John Ford

Known as the ‘essence of classical American Cinema’, Ford is one with a powerful and comprehensive storytelling skill. He was born on February 1, 1894, in Cape Elizabeth Maine, the US, and died on August 31, 1973. He was and still is widely regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers of his time.

His works include Grapes of Wrath (1940), How Green Is My Valley (1941), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), and many more.

Martin Scorsese

Being one who doesn’t give up, Martin Charles Scorsese has succeeded in remaining relatively relevant for over 40 years of active service in the movie world. He continues dishing out great themes, pushing beyond boundaries and still aiming for more.

From his early works – Mean Streets (1973), Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) – to his Best Director Oscar Award-Winning film, Deported (2007), to his most recent epic – The Irishman (2019), Scorsese works can be said to be masterpieces.

In the religious aspect, he gave us The Passion Of Christ (1987), one movie that is still widely celebrated by Christians yearly. Martin Scorsese was born on November 17, 1942, in New York City, Queens Borough.

Christopher Nolan

A British-American film director, popular for his overly complex narratives with which he challenges his fans, Nolan engages his audience with works filled with intense themes of identity, time, and morality. He is widely celebrated as a Cerebral King of the movie industry.

His works include The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception (2010), Dunkirk (2017). Coming soon is Tenet and it promises to be an experience as always.

To Conclude

The above personalities have built legacies in the filmmaking industry and are still building. When next you have a free day and feel like watching a movie, try out movies by these amazing filmmakers and get blown away by their works.


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