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Movie Pets; Famous Dogs & Cats from TV & Film

When it comes to favourite Films is not just about the actors or actresses that are in them. For many people, it’s the animals that make their movies and the reason why it becomes a favourite. There are plenty of well-known dogs and the famous cats from films that will be remembered for decades to come. Here are just a few that we simply love and wish we could have owned. 


Fly was the black and white collie in the film Babe and having just had a litter; she was happy to take the tiny piglet in and raise her as one of her own. Rex, her partner, was not so impressed with the annoying talking pig, but still, this remains a classic film and sees Babe become a sheep pig perfect day in a never-before-seen display and winning a competition. Fly is a patient, gentle collie, experienced in herding sheep and manages to save the day on more than one occasion. 


Garfield started life on a cartoon strip, but such was the popularity of this fat lazy black and orange cat that he became a movie and television legend. With plenty of cartoons and two live-action films, the lasagne loving feline gets up to plenty of adventures and always comes out on top. His best friend is a dog named Odie, and they are both owned by Jon. Don’t field is the source of many memes with his dislike of mornings, love of coffee, and generally being a grumpy cat that many of us can identify with. 


If very large dogs are your thing, then you may have been a fan of the Beethoven movies. In 1992, this giant mutt first graced the screens and started out as a cute puppy but being a Saint Bernard, he grew rather large and caused plenty of chaos wherever he went. His family loved him, but the dad was a little harder to convince because he ruined several things, including work and home. However, in the end, everything came good, and Beethoven met his girlfriend and had puppies ensuring not only a sequel but that this was one house full of massive great dogs. 


Another rather large dog comes in the cartoon form of Scooby-Doo based on a Great Dane Scooby was something of a wimp and often hid behind his best friend Shaggy. In contrast, Scrappy-Doo, his nephew, was a little dog with a huge attitude who had a cute catchphrase of ‘Let me at him, let me at him’ while the more cautious Scooby held him back. Of course, Scooby-Doo and his friends we’re always solving mysteries and stopping villains in their tracks, with the punchline of every episode being ‘I would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids (and dog)’. Scooby dates right back to 1969 and has therefore endured over centuries proving popular with generations of children and seeing him reincarnated many times in television series and movies. 


One of the most iconic cartoon cats ever is Tom from Tom and Jerry. His life’s mission is to catch the pesky mouse called Jerry, and this often creates chaos and carnage as the two try and outwit each other on a regular basis. Jerry also has a large dog friend called Spike, who likes to turn the tables and hunt Tom for himself. Tom and Jerry were created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and have been around since the 1940s. They have a series of classic cartoons and some more modern reincarnations in the film world, including a live action, meets animation mix that hit the box offices in February 2021. 


Bailey, the dog, starred in two movies, A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey. They chart the progress of a boy and his dog, right through the life of the human. Sadly, dogs do not live as long as people, and over the years, Bailey must reincarnate as a new puppy, sometimes with a new name, and sometimes even as a girl dog, and try to get back to his original master. In the last film, he is charged with looking after the granddaughter of the man and manages to track her through more than one of his lives. It ends when she is happy and settled, and his original master passes away from old age. Soon after, Bailey’s latest life ends, and he is free from his earthly bonds forever. A real tearjerker as he crosses the Rainbow Bridge, no longer required to come back and reunite with his best friend. The pair run into the afterlife, young and carefree, as Bailey reverts back to his original dog form. A beautiful story that has become popular with dog lovers everywhere.


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