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The Way Movies Advertise and Influence What We Buy

The Appeal of Movies

Plenty of people choose what movies they’re interested in seeing based on the storyline. Movies can transport us into a world completely different from our own. That world can be an apocalyptic setting that we can only imagine trying to survive in or a love story that we’ve always dreamed of happening to us. Movies are also the closest we can come to being able to go back in time. But something we may not realize about movies is how great they are at advertising.

Interior Design in Movies

By transporting us into another world, the movie is advertising the different lifestyles that the actors are portraying. They show us the homes and personal lives of these characters. While watching these movies, we might see a piece of decor or an item from their wardrobe that we like and want. It can be something like new barn door hardware that’s aesthetically pleasing to us. It can be an arrangement of shelves that would keep an area of our home better organized.

Subtle Advertising in Movies

No matter what genre of movies you like to watch, there are plenty of props being advertised. We see the bedrooms of teenagers, home offices, five-star hotels, and so on. Whether or not we’re currently redesigning or reorganizing our own space, we see plenty of design and decor ideas while we watch movies. Even when we decorate a room a certain way or buy a specific piece of decor because we saw it in a movie and liked it, we barely even consider that the movie advertised it to us.

Actors and Actresses in Movies

Aside from the storyline, we may also watch movies because of the actors that star in them and bring these storylines to life. The actor might be someone we admire and want to see how good of a job they did in this particular role. These actors and actresses could be wearing outfits or accessories that you would love to own yourself. Their hair or makeup could be done a certain way, or they’re wearing a piece of jewelry that catches your eye.

Advertising Props on Movie Sets

Movies are usually filmed on sets, whether it’s a classroom or a college girl’s dorm room. This means the spaces the actors are being filmed in were put together and decorated by members of the movie crew and possibly the director. The props that are used on these sets are being advertised as ways to decorate and fill up space without us even realizing it. Whatever props happen to catch our attention, we can likely find a replica or something similar while out shopping.

Advertising Fashion in Wardrobe

A character’s wardrobe is also a part of a movie being filmed. The clothes and accessories they wear as an outfit, the way they wear their hair and makeup are all considered. If a certain clothing item or accessory that is worn in the movie is popular, the movie crew will share information on the item such as where it can be purchased. There have also been instances where a certain accessory has been seen being worn by multiple actors in different movies.

How Movies Are Able to Advertise

Movies include plenty of advertising when it comes to interior design and fashion as well as other things. The wardrobe aspect of movies can end up advertising a hairstyle or new makeup look you want to try. Any props that are used on a movie set can likely be found at a mall or home improvement store. You might want an exact replica of whatever was seen in the movie or you might prefer something that’s a similar style. What about that can of Mountain Dew? Was it placed on that table toward the camera for a reason?

Finding These Items in Stores

Either way, there’s something out there you’ve seen in a show that’s just waiting to be found and shown off. All it can take is a bit of Googling to find the keywords that describe exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for in a physical store, then surely you’ll find it from an online retailer.


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