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Can’t Go To the Movies? Bring the Big Screen Home with Prima Projector

Being stuck at home sucks. But it’s even worse for movie buffs. For us, the cinema isn’t just a place to take a date or catch a flick. It’s a place to experience film as it is intended to be experienced.

Without the cinema, movies just aren’t the same.

And now, with blockbusters like Wonder Woman 1984, Dune, and The Matrix 4 skipping theaters altogether for HBO Max, some of the most anticipated movies of the decade will be forced onto the small screen.

Luckily, there is a way to bring the cinema home (or anywhere else). Prima Projector is a portable projector that can project a cinema-sized screen anywhere in 1080p HD.

The device itself might seem small, but Prima has everything except the popcorn packed inside. For instance, Prima has:

  • A new DLP projection engine by Texas instruments: Project at up to 200 inches in 1080p HD with 3D and 4K video support.
  • A quad-core processor and hard drive: Download movies, streaming apps, and games directly to Prima.
  • A 3-hour battery: No need to plug it in. Prima will last until the credits role no matter where you are.
  • Built-in speakers: Ditch the external speakers. Prima’s Hi-Fi audio is loud and clear.
  • Universal compatibility: Use Prima with anything—phones, computers, cameras, game consoles, tablets, and more.
  • A portable package: Prima is the same size and weight as iPhone 8. It’s the most pocket-friendly projector ever made.

Did you miss Tenet at the cinema? No, you didn’t. With Prima, you can project it up to 18 feet in 1080p HD onto the size of your house. It’s time to take back those big-screen thrills you’ve been missing.

Now, you can get Prima for less than the price of a few tickets and buckets of popcorn. A select number of Prima projectors are on sale for 50% off. Plus, you’ll get free global shipping and a special accessory package worth over $100.

This early-bird offer will finish when the first batch of projectors are sold, so don’t wait. You don’t want to get stuck watching Godzilla vs. Kong on your TV!

Here are a few more reasons why Prima is the pocket cinema for film buffs.


Like a Cinema Meets an iPod

What if you had an iPod full of all your favorite movies? AND, what if that iPod could show all of your movies on the big screen, anywhere on Earth?

That’s Prima.

Prima is the same size and weight as an iPhone, so it’s easy to stick in your pocket and take anywhere.

And, it can hold all of your movies, shows, games, apps, projects, and more inside. Prima has its own processor, hard drive, and Android operating system, so you can access all of your movies directly from the projector with no other device necessary.

With the swipe of Prima’s touchscreen, you can point and click a cinema-sized screen just about anywhere.

Prima can take your cinema experience much further than just fixed viewing. Just like the smartphone transformed how we communicate, Prima will do the same for how we watch movies and videos.

Imagine this: You’re at a bar with some friends talking about Blade Runner, and you want to pull up a scene. Instead of looking on your phone and huddling in, you can use Prima to access YouTube and project the scene onto the table or wall.

Why watch a small screen when it’s just as easy to point, click, and project with Prima?


Movies, Shows, and Games are Bigger and Brighter

Prima isn’t just convenient. It also looks better than other projectors (and many TVs too). Prima has a brand new DLP projection engine by Texas Instruments. It’s the only projection engine of its kind that can project a massive 200-inch image from such a small chamber.

Not only that, but it maintains 1080p full HD at 200 inches with zero loss in quality. Other portable projectors, even bulkier ones, can’t do that. Even Sony’s portable projectors max out at 120 inches (120 inches is big, but it’s not cinema big).

Another perk of the new engine is that it’s up to 5x brighter than the competition. This is a huge advantage because brighter projection means more vivid colors and deeper blacks. It also means you can use Prima day or night and still enjoy crystal-clear HD video.


Cast from Your Phone or Computer

There’s no need to stop movie night to upload more movies to Prima or download a new app. Instead, just cast or mirror your devices to Prima and enjoy all of your media on the big screen.

It only takes a second to toss your phone screen on the wall for a game of Fortnite or to mirror your computer to access Amazon Prime.

Prima even comes equipped with special mirroring software for Apple and Android devices. When mirroring, you’ll never have to deal with wonky screens or distorted colors. With a click, Prima emulates your devices perfectly.

Connect in seconds with Bluetooth, WiFi, or Airplay. Prima also has a ton of ports for your other devices, but we’ll get to that later.


Use at Home and On the Go

Prima is super portable. You get it. But it’s just as nice to use at home. Plug it in for unlimited video playback, and it works just like a smart TV.

All you have to do is set it on a surface and you’re ready to go. Keystone angle autocorrection will keep your screen level. If you order during the early-bird sale, you’ll also get a tripod and a Bluetooth remote control for more convenient home viewing.

Prima wirelessly connects to your entertainment system or external speakers, so you can up the screen size, the resolution, and the volume. That’s what we call an upgrade.

Prima’s Android OS dashboard will be familiar to most, and it’s really easy to navigate. All of your apps and downloads are on the home screen, so you won’t have to deal with any annoying menus. You can also surf the web, chat, work, or do basically anything else. With access to 3 million apps on Google Play, the sky is the limit.

Audible Audio

Most projector speakers can barely deliver a whisper, let alone film scores and fight scenes. This is because projector speakers can’t get too loud. Too much vibration risks damage to the projection lens.

Prima figured out a fix for this by isolating the projection chamber and protecting it from shock.

The result? Projector speakers that sound like REAL SPEAKERS. Prima’s audio is loud and nuanced. You can hear pitches high and low tones from the other side of the room without effort. Sure, they don’t have much bass and can’t compete with your surround sound system, but when you’re on the go, they do just fine.

Prima’s speakers are so clear that the projector includes an audio-only mode. In this mode, you can use Prima as a Bluetooth speaker (the battery lasts up to 30 hours!).


Watch Old Films, Home Movies—Anything

Prima is a next-generation projector. But it hasn’t forgotten its roots in the projection booth. You can play anything on Prima—old movies, new movies, home movies, vinyl, streaming apps—anything.

Along with its wireless connectivity, Prima also has a bunch of ports for connecting to older devices, consoles, and speakers. You can connect via:

  • HDMI
  • 2x USB
  • Headphone jack
  • DC


It also has a micro SD and TF port and a bunch of available adapters. You can even watch your old laserdiscs with the right cable!

Prima can connect to cameras, computers, phones, gaming consoles, VCRs, Raspberry Pi… the list goes on.

What we’re trying to say is it’s universally compatible with everything (in the UNIVERSE).


Don’t Insult Your Movies. Get Prima Now (for 50% Off)

How long will you continue to debase the institution of film and degrade your cinematic experiences by watching movies on the small screen?

Ok, maybe that was a bit harsh… but if there’s a way to enjoy your movies at home JUST like at the cinema, why not do it? With all the money you saved on tickets and popcorn this year, you might as well treat yourself. Life’s short, right?

Now, you can get a Prima for a steal. During the early-bird sale, Prima can be yours for 50% off the retail price. You’ll also get free shipping and a free accessory bundle worth over $100, including a tripod, carrying pouch, remote control, and more.

It’s hard to say when cinemas will open again, or when movies will go back to normal. But you don’t have to wait to watch movies the way they were intended to be viewed. Order Prima now and bring the big screen home.

Learn more and get your Prima projector now at





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