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Cool Sci-Fi Horror Short: Decommissioned

An astronaut encounters a terrifying anomaly approaching the International Space Station.

This is great work from Josh Tanner and it is rather creepy.

DECOMMISSIONED | Sci-Fi Horror Short Film from Perception Pictures on Vimeo.

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Director | Josh Tanner
Written by | Jade van der Lei & Josh Tanner
Produced by | Jade van der Lei & Danielle Redford
Cinematographer | Jason Hargreaves ACS
Editor | Tony McGrath
Composer | Ack Kinmonth & Stevan Markovic
Sound Designer | Thom Kellar
Production Designer | Matt Putland
Costume Designer | Chrissy Flannery
Make-Up Designer | Sean Genders
Stunt Coordinator | Keir Beck
Virtual Production & Picture Post Production | Cutting Edge Post
Sound Post Production | Folklore Sound

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