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Top 5 Casino Movies

The topic of gambling constantly arouses genuine interest in the audience of good movies. Such films are mesmerizing with dynamics, risky games on the verge of a foul, and the circulation of mind-boggling amounts, especially today – in the era of the development of online casino for money. That is why we made the top list which features 5 must-see movie products in the genre.

Molly’s Game – the favorite among gambling movies

Molly’s Game probably the best among top casino movies. The plot of the picture tells the story of a young girl who has made a successful career in the gaming business. She got on this path by accident due to an injury that blocked her way to becoming a professional skier. Molly didn’t even know that she had a ton of talents that help to deal with the visitors in an underground casino. Famous athletes and show business stars who fell under the gift of persuasion and charm became regular visitors to the underground institution curated by Molly Bloom. All events flare up around the game of poker. The screen shows the gambling life from the inside, reveals the behavior of the participants, their relationships, and risks.

Think Like a Man Too

The second place is taken by the Think Like a Man Too. The events described in the movie take place in Las Vegas, in which four couples in love decided to have fun on the eve of their wedding by playing roulette and other gambling. The participants decided that the world’s gaming capital would be the best place for stag and hen parties – and they were not mistaken in choosing a site, which brought them an adrenaline rush. Several scenes are dedicated to gambling processes, which demonstrate the character traits of successful players.

Smokin ‘Aces

The third position belongs to the action-packed Smokin ‘Aces, filmed in the manner of Pulp Fiction, Carrier, Lock, Stock, Two Barrels. On the screen, the FBI is fighting the mafia, led by a boss who hunts for a talented magician who is fluent in tricks with playing cards. Some of the scenes take place at a Las Vegas casino, overall the movie is great and entertaining.

The Tragedy of The Gambler

The dramatic plot of The Gambler talks about the fatal addiction of the talented writer. Passion seized the English professor so much that for her sake he sacrificed everything and ended up in a criminal environment. After stealing 44,000 from his mother, he takes his wife Billy and travels to the United States to try his luck in Vegas.

American Hustle – David Russell’s Black Comedy

In American Hustle, the viewer will have to meet with scammers who turn out successful game schemes in full view of everyone. The scams could not fail to interest the feds, who decide to use the crooks for their purposes. In order not to go to jail, the heroes of the film must assist in exposing major corrupt officials, to which they agree. Events and activities were filmed in a real casino.

Breathtaking thrillers are always saturated with the high-octane environment of gaming establishments, and their fun and reckless atmosphere always excites the imagination and attracts a large audience to watch.


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